Abigail name meaning

What is the meaning of Abigail?

Abigail is a female name. The name emanates from the Hebrew name that means "father rejoice" or maybe "father's joy". Abigail was the wife of King David in the Hebrew Bible, and the meaning is intelligent and stunning. Abigail is considered one of the great female prophetesses from the Bible.

What is the detailed meaning of the name Abigail?

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Quick Meaning: Source of Joy
  • Number of letters: 7, Those 7 letters total to 32
  • Gender: Girl
  • Hebrew: Female: Father rejoiced.
  • Biblical: Female: The father's joy

What is the baby name of Abigail?

If you are thinking of calling your baby Abigail then this can mean "the fathers joy" or a "cause of joy" this name spiritually, is associated with being wonderful, super sunny women. In old folklore it is a name that is given to a loyal women in old literature. Abigail is also a surname but most often used a girls name. There are many variants or nicknames of Abigail. Such as: abi, ab, abbe, abbey, abby, any, gail, and abbi. Obviously, when we name our child we don't wish for this to be shortened but it is worth considering.

What is the biblical meaning of the name Abigail?

Biblically, there were two women called Abigail in the bible. The first one, David was her brother and became famous for writing psalms. There is not much more about her in the bible. The second Abigail in the bible was described as a beautiful woman, she is featured in Samual chapter 25, and Abigail is the perfect woman. It is interesting our definition of the "perfect" woman has changed and this has resulted in different definitions. Those that came to god and some people are often overlooked. Abigail was a special woman in the scripture.

There are many people around the world who have different opinions on what makes a woman the perfect woman. Samual the prophet, died and David was hiding and did not have the ability to get through, David had 600 men and went to Nabel, a rich man for help. He knew that Nabel had 3,000 sheep so he sent some young men to ask for help. Abigail was Nabal's wife and a woman of good understanding and intelligence. In Jewish history, Abigail was the most beautiful woman in character and looks. We live in a society that puts so much pressure on being beautiful, but our character is the most important thing in terms of being beautiful. David nearly fell in love with Abigail when she was still the wife of David. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the name Abigail?

The meaning, if you have this name, is that you have a deep intelligence in life. The story of Abigail is that this woman is filled with beauty. It's stated that numbers hold the key to our innermost personality. Read on to learn what Abigail means in spiritual terms.

If your name is Abigail, your numerology number is five. Abigail's are analytical and perceptive, strong-willed and brave; and subtle and lative. Abigail's are charismatic and people love them and they are the soul of the party. In my research, from the numerology and the fact that Abigal starts with the letter "A" the first in the alphabet indicates that spiritually they are fascinating, mysterious, and attractive.

I would say, that due to the numerological 5, those born and given this lovely name are able to explore the deepest depths of spiritual teachings. They are driven by convictions, have strong opinions, and know-how to think clearly. Does this sound like you? My message to you Abigail is that you are a very kindhearted person.  sometimes though you can be taken advantage of by people, if there was conflict or confusion anyway regarding others, and try to turn to your guardian angels and spirit guides for inspiration on how to deal with the situation. We all face difficulties in life, and Abigail just needs to be aware situations turn in all different shapes and sizes. Abigail is a beautiful name along with a beautiful soul and I do hope that this message resonates with you.

What are Abigails like as partners - wife, girlfriend, or lover?

What is it like dating an Abigail or being married to one? Naturally,  Abigails are kind, thoughtful lovers who care deeply about their partners and will go to great lengths to make their other half happy. They are always available to family and friends to offer advice and support, and they will always lend a helping hand to someone in need.

Rarely jealous or domineering, as a numerological 5, they don't have control over their loved one's schedule,  by their nature become suspicious. Their love-making is accustomed to following a specific pattern and routine. Her intimate life must be managed and organized just like everything else. Although they are not always unpredictable or creative, they are not selfish. Their main goal is to make sure that their partner's needs are met but to be focused on that the union of spiritual growth between the couple is equally important. 

Will you call your baby Abigail?

I have things to consider here if you are thinking of calling your child Abigail. As parents, we often struggle to select the right name for a baby girl. Abigail is a beautiful name,  and it is important that you look at the syllables and the spiritual messages when selecting your top list of girls' names. If you're thinking of calling your baby Abigail, consider this might be shortened to Gail. Sometimes we have no control over the shortening of names. Abigail is a classic name and if this is found in your family tree for instance can have a connection to your ancient spirit guides. Abigail means joy in Hebrew and in the 1970s Abigail is very popular. Abigail in the Bible is a beautiful woman, therefore your baby will grow up to be adored.

What is the numerology Abigail's soul urge number 2?

Abigail's soul urge number is a number 2. This means they enjoy creation in life. They are pragmatic, down-to-earth individuals who build with great precision, systematically, and in a systematic manner. This number is able to create something not only spiritual but powerful too. Abigails, seem to have everything, and everything is in its right place. 

What is the popularity of the name Abigail?

This was a popular name in the olden times around the 1900s and was listed within the rank of the top 1,000. The name has slowly declined and then in the 1970s, it became popular once more, peaking in 2005. In 2020 according to the American social security statistics, the name Abigail was ranked as 13th. In the 70s there were a number of famous Abigails that made the name somewhat popular.

What are the name varieties of Abigail?

There are different spellings depending on the country of origin as follows:

  • Abigaeli (The Danish spelling)
  • Abigaille (Popular in Italy)
  • Abigél (Popular in Hungry)
  • Apikalia, ʻApikaʻila (The Hawian spelling)

What are the nicknames for Abigail?

The variants of this name consist of Abbey, Abbie, Abby, Gail, Gale as outlined below. Always be aware of the variant when choosing a baby name.

  • Abi
  • Gail
  • Gaye
  • Gayle
  • Abbey
  • Abby
  • Abbey
  • Abs

What are the positive traits for Abigail?

  • You are kind oh so kind Abigail. Try to remember to put yourself first sometimes.
  • In work you will be loved by many
  • Don't try too hard in love it will come in time
  • Good leadership qualities

What are the negative traits for Abigail?

  • Stressed at work
  • Sometimes you are up and sometimes down Abigail
  • Lives in a fantasy world
  • Too optimistic
  • Selfish

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012