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The Ten of Swords

The Suit of Swords, as in all suits, is a story of progression.

There are different levels of growth, opportunities for change that are presented to get you through the story from the beginning, middle and then to the end. The Ten of Swords is a culmination of all of the negative aspects of the Suit of Swords. Either you are just going through a cycle of having to survive through desolation or you have actively chosen to refrain from following the advice of those who know you in your life or even the advice presented in the cards or through higher source energy. Whatever the case may be, you are experiencing a really challenging cycle where you feel as though you have been utterly destroyed.

This card is symbolic of despair, of lack, a metaphorical death of an aspect of your life. This is usually the card that presents itself when you have been participating in something like a relationship that makes you feel victimized and instead of looking at the signs to get out of it when you had the time, you let it destroy you. Now you must figure out how to get out of this mess so that you can start anew in the form of the Page of Swords immediately following this card. Try not to be too discouraged: No matter how far we have fallen, there is always room to get up, brush yourself off and try again.

The image that is shown on the card is that of a person who has actually been pierced by ten swords. Up until this point, the swords were always present in the background or surrounding the individuals in the card, however these cards have actually thrust themselves through flesh to symbolize how deeply and integrally you are feeling this pain and this hurt. The sky above this seemingly dead person is black. This card symbolizes the defeat found in war, a disruption of home life as well as the ruin of plans or projects. Despite the violent imagery in this card, this is not a card of violent death. This is simply a card depicting the absolute end of something. Often times when the Ten of Swords is in your life, you feel as though you have been horribly and miserably abused, the end of this cycle is hard for you so the pain of the swords is how you feel.

One way to push through this time of your life is to spend a whole bunch of time giving. This may sound almost obscene given your current circumstances. But there is a need to rebuild in your life, and to do so you need to have a new perspective. You need to see that others may either also have it bad or maybe even worse then you. When you give over of your nurturing and compassionate self, not only does healing come faster for you, but you will be genuinely bettering the circumstances of those around you. This kind of fellowship and brotherhood, caring for your fellow man is going to help pick you up off of that metaphorical floor.

Remember that tomorrow always is capable of bringing new hope. You literally cannot fall any lower then you have fallen, and, in a sense, there is hope to be found there. Let go of the fears that have led you to this negative thinking, the ones that helped to create your conscious choice that things would not work out. Consider what the active role you played in this situation was and then seek to not repeat the same thought processes again. Allow yourself the freedom to learn from this lesson and to not get stuck in the same bad situation over and over again. Fighting pointless battles will never get you anywhere, so stop trying.

The lessons that you are learning at this time are going to move you closer to harmony, a balance between the material and spiritual things of the mind. Through living through this devastating experience to its unfortunate conclusion, you have been released and are allowed to start over, free of the old Karma. The old self is actually, metaphorically dead. You were killed as a result of your own thoughts. Consider the role of your creative mind and do what you can not to allow yourself to get stuck again. You have matured in multiple levels and from this point on will find that decision making that brings you toward ultimate emotional health will be easier to make than ever before.

The Ten of Swords in Love The Ten of Swords only presents itself in a love reading when you have been completely obliterated by a love situation. You will get no more from this relationship, and you must start over. This is often a card that appears after a bad break up. You were so attached to the unhealthiness of your relationship that you had become accustomed to it, and you structured your whole life around it. It wasn’t a happy life, but it was a living situation that you perpetuated daily and so it became routine. The Universe knows that you simply cannot stay unhappy and unhealthy and it presents ways for you to get out of it, the Ten of Swords is this way. You would not listen to reason, so, the Universe had to pull the rug out from under you causing you to fall flat on your face to shake you out of your addiction to bad and unhealthy relationship pursuit. Now you must be grateful, allow for the change, and be alone for a little while to get yourself back on track.

The Ten of Swords in Health When the Ten of Swords shows up in a reading about health, the news is not generally good. This often comes up as a result of accidents that have caused broken bones or other random injuries that make you feel as though you are completely inept and broken, as well as destitute. If you are not injured at this time, consider this a healthy warning to keep track of your thoughts so that you do not accidentally create room in your life to become injured. Take time to slow down, to relax, and to ponder your next move before making it. Do not get caught up in busy-ness and if there is anything that is making you feel victimized or frustrated on a consistent basis then you must treat this as a potential disease or injury, you must eliminate it from your life right away before you create something that you can’t get out of.

The Ten of Swords in Work and Wealth The Ten of Swords in Work and Wealth is referring to a time in which you allowed yourself to mess around with your finances, jumping through financial hoops or making poor judgments or investments and now you are feeling the repercussions of this. You must start over again. You will find that your finances will not get better until you learn how to handle your money. Many of us gamble away our finances every month by using more credit than we could ever pay back and we find that every month we are doing a balancing act. And many of us can keep this up, however your balancing act is no longer working for you. This card cautions you to not make any more random purchases until you can feasibly put aside some money for emergency purposes and can afford comfortably with no guilt, to buy something else. Break the cycle and gain financial freedom.


Reversed Meaning - Ten Of Swords When you have received the Ten of Swords in the reversed position then you are going to be experiencing a time of overthrowing of evil forces. The devastation of the Ten of Swords is a passing phase and is cycling out of your experience. Now you are moving on to acquire some success and profit. You have begun to rebuild and have found the courage to start over again. 

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The World

The World is your oyster when you see this card in your reading.

Like with the Wheel of Fortune card, it is indicative that there is luck on your side and that the universe is looking at you favorably. However, when the World is present it says that things are definitely looking up and that what you want is at your fingertips, you simply have to reach out and take what you want. When you see this card in a reading it is a reminder that all things are possible and that there are endless forces at work that you can’t see.

This card is a very personal card. It is often compared the Wheel of Fortune card because it carries similar weight and meaning. The main difference between the cards is that the World reflects the present and now. Even in a past or future position in a reading the card carries positive energies that affect your present standing. The luck from the Wheel of fortune card pays off and becomes true reward. The reward from the World card is similar to the feeling of winning or being triumphant. Thy symbolism on the card in the Rider Waite deck is largely based on completion or reaching the end. The World is the last card in the major arcana of the tarot and at the point in which the story would normally start over. It can symbolize a prosperous end to an aspect in your life and new beginnings coming forth soon.

Now is a time to allow yourself to shine, relish in what you have accomplished, and perhaps even brag a little bit. There are aspects in your life that one would consider worthy accomplishments and it’s okay to take a little bit of time to celebrate them. Also understand that with the ending of one journey that it is simply the beginning of another. Strive for greatness in a task that you are working to complete right now and be assured that the hard work you are putting in will pay off.

The World in Love When a person in love finds the World card in their relationship reading they can know for certain that they are on the right track. Usually you will see this card come up when one stage of the relationship has ended and things are ready to take a more serious turn. In a future position in a reading it is very promising and shows the potential for growth and a deeper level in their relationship. Consider taking a step forward on your own in the relationship at this time. Whether it is moving in with your partner, making a purchase together, or if you have been thinking about having children now is an excellent time. The World also is a good sign for fertility in general. For women looking to get pregnant, it shows that the timing is also right.

This card talks about bounty, completion, and satisfaction. For those seeking love or feeling on the lonely side, it is a favorable sign that you are internally and emotionally ready to move ahead into something new. Consider how you have been coping with the past regarding love and you will likely find that a weight has recently been lifted or that you are feeling more ready to proceed to find something new

The World in Health Regarding health the World is a card of healing or defeating illness. Have you been feeling sick lately or worried about someone around you? The World bodes well for recovery and is often seen once the illness has passed. In some cases it will also be a good indicator for mental or spiritual health as well. It shows that you have found completeness or a sense of happiness or peace that you have been much needing.

Specifically concerning surgery or a trip to the hospital this is a favorable card. Especially common, the World will present during times of intense worry in order to reassure you that you will be alright. At this point everything has already been set in motion and you have done everything you can. Allow for help and assistance to increase health and let the professionals do their job.

The World in Work and Wealth The World card brings news of wealth in the financial department and is sometimes accompanied with winning or finding a decent amount of money. It is not a good time to take risks… rather you should allow time right now for hard work to pay off. The work you have already put into place will find reward for you. If you have been looking for a job you have likely already applied or interviewed to the job that you are going to get.

Reversed World in a reading Like many reversed major arcana cards in the tarot, the World card carries an opposite meaning when in the reversed position. This card placed upside down indicates stagnation, lack of success, and disappointment. Consider what you have been putting a lot of energy into and seeing no rewards from. Focus your energies on healthy outlets and make sure that you are doing all you can to ensure positive outcomes. Avoid high-risk behavior or making drastic changes. You will likely know what area this card is referring to as the efforts you are putting out are stronger in one area of your life than all the others. Rather than indicating that everything is wrong in your life, the reversed World card is calling you attention to one aspect.  The World is one of those cards that tend to be positive, no matter whether upright or reversed.

While upright it shows everything that you need or want at your fingertips and is positive for the future, the reversed World still states that you have opportunities around you, you’re moving forward and that positive situations are coming. However, changes may be slower than expected or not as great as initially anticipated. You may need to work harder to get the results you want. There may one more unexpected hurdle ahead of you. Don’t give up. You may feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders, but the end is near. Keep moving forward, trusting in the original plan but being mindful of any changes that you can make to improve your chances of an outcome. Associated Keywords with The World in reverse position: Reminder for self-reliance, Perseverance, Determination, Lackluster rewards, Feeling frustrated, Extreme stress, Fleeting success, Life lessons, Anticlimactic results, Narrow mindedness

Love and Romance - World Reversed  For love, the World in any form indicates growth and symbolises positive changes in the department of love. Romance is in the air but you want to be sure that you are making time for it. If you’re looking for love, chances are that you are about to find a potential partner without looking. There is someone for you out in the world and the reversed position of this card is a good sign that that person is close. You likely know your next potential lover, but are not close friends. Keep an eye out for a special someone flirting with you and remember that love sometimes comes from where it is least expected. For those with an established relationship, the World card reversed shows slow but positive changes. It is a reminder that you may need to make more time for your partner or that you should let the little things go. 

Family and Home - World Reversed When we see the World reversed, it often reflects on a person who is not seeing the whole picture. If a vacation or travel is in the works, be wary about your plans. There is a warning for you in this card saying that your travels may not go as planned. It’s not a horrible omen indicating danger, however, it can show travel delays and minor difficulties that may leave you feeling frustrated, especially if your travel plans are strict. Be flexible and you should come out okay. This is the same lesson for family interactions. Troubles at home are likely being caused by some narrow-minded beliefs, pickiness or critical thinking. Remember that your home and family are the foundations for your world. Encourage growth, seek opportunities for interpersonal connection and allow for others in your family to do their own thing. Consider ways that you may be judgmental or unfair regarding people who live in your home or that you consider family. 

Work and Finances - World Reversed A good sign for new work and promotions, you’re going to get what you have worked for but unless you really polish your efforts at this time, you may not be as pleased with the results. Lack of flexibility or inability to go with the flow can restrict success. Consider your views about your work environment, people that you work with that may rub you up the wrong way and these feelings can be hindering your efforts to advance your position or finances. Take time to network and to think outside the box. Additionally, be mindful of your own attitude. Narrow-mindedness is a common association with the World reversed and chances are that you are not being fair in your assessment of others. On a larger business scale, the World reversed indicates business and government setbacks, symbolizing a hostile world or business environment wrought with friction, sometimes caused by a point of corruption within the ranks. 

Health and Wellness - World Reversed In a reading regarding earthy topics of health, wealth or wellness, the World reversed shows a rigid or traditional world view that is stubborn in sticking to traditions. With the World reversed, you may want to check your health. Physically or mentally, you are likely feeling fatigued. Stressors in your life may have recently turned your life upside down, but realize that there is a lot of positive going on around you right now. The World reversed reminds you to take stock in small positive changes and to not to be too hard on yourself. 

Personal Spirituality - World Reversed Consider the repeating patterns in your spirituality. These can be seen clearly when you focus on emotions that you feel on the regular. Your emotions are a good indicator of your overall spiritual wellness. With the World reversed in your reading, chances are you are feeling angst or lacking inspiration. Think about broadening your world sense, take from religions or cultures around the world or travel to see the world in a new way. If you have been actively working to manifest through spellwork, prayer or other means, the World reversed reminds you to be vigilant in your faith and to be mindful of negative thought patterns that may be thwarting your efforts. Incorporate awareness and mindfulness techniques into your practices, such as affirmations or positive mantras, to reinforce any desires that you may have been aiming for on a spiritual or magical basis. 

The Queen of Swords

When you have received the Queen of Swords in your reading, you are seen as an assertive perfectionist who is also hyper protective and ambitious.

A mother figure as well as a knowledgeable leader is often the embodiment represented by the Queen of Swords. You have ideas that are ruled by the drive of the heart which is what makes you so uniquely you, and someone that others enjoy being around and depending on. You are highly informed and an excellent communicator. There is very little that consistently confuses you because you are so good at figuring things out, and when others need assistance creating a plan, they come to you to help them organize their life. This card is the representative of the sheer force of will to achieve, to better one’s journey in life, to better one’s self.

The image of the Queen of Swords as it appears in the Rider Waite Deck shows an image of a Queen who is sitting very regally on her high throne staring off into the sky. Her sword is raised in her left hand, which suggests an almost daring nature, daring others to try to throw her from her throne. She will have none of it. The base of her thrown is decorated with butterflies, which are symbolic of the soul. This card is symbolic of a brown haired brown eyed woman.

She is keen and quick witted and often representative of someone who has put a lot behind her in her life. She may be a widow or someone who is unable to bear children. There is a sense of longing or mourning within her strength, longing for those that is far from her. This card can stand for widowhood, mourning, kindness but with a firm hand, gracefulness and observation as well as a fondness for dancing.

When one is having a hard time, there is no one better to go to then the Queen of Swords, for she will put your life into perspective like no other. If you tend to be referred to as someone who is very similar to these character traits then know that you are going through a phase in which all of your skills will be fine-tuned. The Queen of Swords is going to be blessing you with productivity. If you do not feel that you are currently this kind of person, then you are either going to be blessed by learning how to become adept at this kind of behavior or you are going to run into someone who is going to play this role in your life.

The Queen of Swords is someone who is a great counselor with a sharp wit and she knows how to give just the right kind of assistance. Her mental processes are developed, and she has a great spiritual depth through her experience with long troubles which makes her a master of her circumstances. Always seek the clarity that comes with the truth. You need to not allow yourself to get caught up in the lies and drama of those around you because that is counterproductive.

The counselor that is within you is waking up at this time and she seeks clarification so that you can get to the bottom of things. She uses her strength of character and her intellect to free herself of the chains of doubt and fear. She looks at the world that is caught up in drama with disdain and frustration, but at the same time she opens up her hands to it so that she can help if necessary. The clouds may surround her, but her head remains clear in the air of the real truth. She sees no restriction of gender; she is a fierce, strong, and empowered woman. You must at this time be at peace with yourself, accept whatever happens without losing your cool. Allow the negative that comes your way to be absorbed by your counseling, positive mind. See through the illusions that the world presents.

The Queen of Swords in Love

The Queen of Swords gets what she wants. She is a fiercely independent woman who doesn’t need anyone to be happy. She is content with who she has become and the years have made her wise as well as brave. When it comes to acquiring the love of another, she does not need it but she may be in the position of desiring it just to have the company. Therefore this is a time in your life to start to selectively pick and choose the kind of people that you want in your life, and if a romantic partner is on your list of desires, then begin to make that known. Start to search for the right person who can fit your independent nature. You cannot be an equal partner with someone who is less then you in any way, be it emotionally, physically or financially, so you must begin to work the mental magic out to begin attracting someone who will compliment you.

The Queen of Swords in Health

Sometimes your stubbornness gets the best of you. You may be avoiding a doctor’s appointment, but now is not the time to be so stubborn. If you have something going on in your body that you do not quite understand, then it is time to go to the doctor and get it figured out. No you do not need help, not really, but there is a difference between being independent and being callous in choices that are important.

The Queen of Swords in Work and Wealth

The Queen of Swords tells others what they must do. Therefore if this Queen is transiting your reading regarding Work and Wealth then you must pay attention for opportunities that will present themselves that make it possible for you to be in charge. You will know that a position or opportunity is right for you because you will automatically feel compelled to take control of it, simply because you know what you are doing. Start advertising for yourself. Now is an excellent time to pursue going into a business venture of your own.


Reversed Meaning - Queen of Swords

You have potential that you are as of now, ignoring. You have put up walls around yourself and you are becoming too introspective and hermit like. Almost as if you are so convinced that you know the right way of being for everyone else, who you tend to be right about, that you no longer want to go outside and interact with others because you know what is best. It is almost as if at this point you know too much. But you need to know that the people that exist in your life who are intolerant only have a narrow outlook and that is something that you need to avoid at all costs. But you need to also remember that you needn’t internalize someone else’s beliefs. Their perception is their own and it has nothing to do with you. Let go of your attachment to what others think, and let go of the attachment that you will be able to help everyone, because frankly, you won’t be able to.

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