Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Hair found above the upper lip is referred to as a mustache.

As a symbol, it represents masculinity, people needing support from you, maturity and often is a favoring sign indicating a windfall or upcoming financial freedoms. This symbol indicates that you are in a good place in your life. Male or female, you are strong enough to defend those who are around you. You are mature enough for others to depend on your support.

Detailed meaning of the moustache tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if you happen to see a mustache at the top of the teacup, it means that there are several people waiting for you to sort them out due to the fact that you have what it takes to give support to them because you are mature, strong and energetic.

Don’t turn anybody down because by doing so, you will be chasing away your luck. Make sure that everyone who comes for help from you gets it without you mumble or fuss around, you should do it willingly.

Middle of cup: a mustache in the middle of the teacup is an indication that you are becoming stronger and mature to handle the obligations of taking care of other people’s needs. Through such deeds, you will be able to rise to success.

There are those who will come with financial baggage, help where you can and make them comfortable. There are those who will come to their relationship baggage, talk to them and advise accordingly because you are mature enough to offer this type of support. Whatever it is that you are doing to others, it will hit back to you in the form of prosperity.

Bottom of teacup: a mustache at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that you are still immature to be given the responsibility of taking care of other people’s needs.

You have to first of all build yourself in order to be given a leadership responsibility of taking care of others.

Once you toughen up, you will be in a position to learn how to better meet people’s needs and wants whenever they come to you for advice. It is time you will become a leader. It could be a leader in business, at your place of work or even in your community. Take time to mature first.

Scattered in the cup: scattered mustaches are an indication that you are surrounded with responsibilities which need you to mature up in order to handle them.

Associate with people who will make you learn new things in preparation for taking charge of the many responsibilities you have been given. Whenever you get stuck, don’t hesitate to consult because that is the only way you will be able to handle each and every situation. When you are mature mentally, physically, psychological, and even socially, you will attract many friends who will, in turn, be beneficial for you in terms of providing support, opportunities or finances.

Conclusion: maturity, in general, makes one excel in whatever they place their hands on. So when a mustache is shown in your teacup, it means you are one person who is on your way to success. Don’t sleep on it, utilize it to achieve the best in life.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2013