Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A leaf stands for having the best of luck.

Additionally, it may promise a healthy body! Normally, a leaf symbol within your tea leaf reading symbolizes a sly person, who cannot be trusted and wealth. If you feel a bit out of control in your life this omen will manifest itself. Obviously there is someone out there hoping to see you do things in a very predictable way.

You will have a prosperous life in the near future if you found a leaf positioned on the top. This symbol is also an indication that your life will be satisfied by numerous business ventures.

You won't have a hard time accessing all the a sly person, who cannot be trusted in the world. When you notice a leaf symbol you will get guidance and advice. It's a clear indication telling you to that you should trust in yourself.

Another meaning of this symbol is that you will be free to decide your own future. Working with other people will also bring you success and is a good indication that you're making progress. Furthermore, this is a positive symbol and will surely bring you a lot of good things in your life both spiritually and materially.

Seeing the leaf on the side of your teacup means that in the near future, you will control someone in a positive way. Putting this power into good use is the first logical step that you should take. If you notice several leafs in your tea leaf reading then it means new beginnings.

Perhaps it is time to consider how you can transform your life for the better? A leaf in the wrong position signifies that you may have been involved in some serious misunderstandings and you will need to defend yourself. It some rare instances it may also symbolize that you are stressed out.

Detailed meaning of seeing a leaf in your teacup

In your teacup you may have

  • Uncovered an leaf symbol.
  • Noticed a leaf symbol that is broken.
  • Experienced the outline of a leaf symbol.
  • Found a big or small leaf in your tea leaf reading.

Meaning of leaf in your tea leaf reading

  • Top of teacup: to discover a leaf on top of your tea leaf reading shows a scenario that requires an even more sensitive approach. A new beginning is denoted by a leaf. Seeing it at the top position generally means a possible manifestation of happiness in the future.
  • Lines are broken: if the lines are not continuous this indicates that you'll probably have some good results but this will be reasonably limited. This tells that you value your loved ones and consider them as the most important people around you. This is an excellent chance for you to demonstrate your loyalty and faithfulness. It also emphasizes that you might be fighting a certain form of uncontrollable conduct.
  • Bottom of teacup: such symbols suggests that you have a new chance to make a change in your life, however these opportunities cannot be traced back to your past.
  • Side of teacup: business ventures and a good lasting health are the things waiting for you in the near future if you see this symbol at the side of the teacup.
  • Near handle: the nearness of the symbol to the handle decides the rate at which you will acquire a sly person, who cannot be trusted. Things will get better soon.
  • Small symbol: a choice that will most probably cause a drastic change is commonly associated with a small leaf symbol.
  • Large symbol: a fear of the unknown and a prosperous existence is mostly associated with a large leaf symbol.
  • A leaf signifies news, letters, and messages.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012