Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Fir is an evergreen plant which has flat needles that are arranged in two rows and upright cones.

They provide resin and timber. You have to know the symbolic meaning of fir in order to get its meaning when it appears in a tea leaf reading.

Due to the way it grows, it represents honesty, forthrightness, and truth. With it, you will find a pillar of strength in your life.

Its evergreen leaves are a reminder of the life-long connections that we share with our friends and signifies hope, renewal in the midst of problems and a promise from someone dear. It shows the resilience and longevity you will survive amid the turmoils of life due to the endurance you inhabit.

Detailed meaning of the fir tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup

When a fir is spotted at the top of the teacup it means that you will be able to endure the turmoils of life after which you are promised to make a lifelong connection with your friends who will be your pillars of strength.

You are a person who is honest and due to your love for truth and are straightforward, you will be able to regain hope in the midst of problems that may come your way.

Middle of cup: if the fir is seen in the middle of the teacup, you will be able to endure turmoils in future. For now, they might overpower you and make you feel that you don’t have a pillar of strength in your life due to the fact that, you are not having a connection with your friends.

Your truthfulness, honesty, and forthrightness are at their lowest and you need to work on them so that in the near future you will be able to use them to regain your pillar of strength. This strength could be your friends. Once that happens, you will be able to be renewed in life - amid your current problems and your resilience and longevity will show.

Bottom of teacup: the appearance of the fir at the bottom of the teacup indicates that you have a long way to work your way to having a turmoil-free life. It might take a long time and resilience to overcome your present situation.

Act fast by working on your character; your honesty, truthfulness, and forthrightness. There is a focus on connection with your friends during this time. Once you realize that friends will be important at this time, they may become a pillar of strength to you. Someone close will bail you out and life will be normal again.

Scattered in the cup: a fir found more than once is an indication that you might be lucky. You must make sure you focus on life through the connection you have with your friends. Someone will as you will act as a strength.

Your forthrightness, honesty, and trust will be required in a problem in life. You will have some minor problems so don’t worry. Maintain your resilience and you will have a long lasting life.


Being truthful, honest, and forthright is what will enable you to form a strong bond and someone will be a pillar of strength in a difficult situation. Due to your connection with your friends, you will overcome a problem. The fir found in your cup suggests you have to be resilient in order to overcome problems in life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2013