Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

As an animal totem, earwig symbolizes great change both within and out.

But what does this mean if you see this symbol in your tea leaf reading? We must look at what an earwig means if it is an animal totem to make sense of this. If an earwig guides someone, it has the ability to influence them by making them persistent and confident in their talk or argument.

Since earwig’s don’t like cold weather it means you will tend to like a hot area, maybe you will travel. When one has an earwig in their tea leaf reading, it means they are having a fearsome hunter and protector; it is also referred to as a transformational symbol.

Detailed meaning of the earwig tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if An earwig appears at the top of the tea cup, then it will mean that within no time, you will be able to be a great influence in people’s life. Any time your presence is felt, a great change will always be in the offing.

Middle of cup: when the earwig appears in the middle of the cup, it implies that your influence on people will be felt in the near future; your word will be what people will adhere to without question; you will be a force to reckon

Bottom of teacup: when the earwig appears at the bottom, it means, for now, you will be able under the control of others due to the fact that, your influence is on the low; it will take some time and a lot of effort for you to come on top and influence others. You will have to content yourself with your fate for the time being and wait for your time to become a powerhouse in the future.

Scattered in the Cup: if the earwig appears spread all over inside the teacup, it means that, from now henceforth, no matter what, you will always be an influence to reckon irrespective of the circumstances surrounding you.

Conclusion: It is right to say that, the appearance of an earwig in the cup denotes that, you are strong, fearsome, and influential if every other factor remains constant.

By Flo Saul
Mar 30, 2013