Canes / whip

Canes / whip

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Canes are often associated with punishment (caning).

Therefore, to see this in your tea leaves indicates you may experience a guilt about something connected to your heart. Should you see the cane near the top of the teacup then this can be connected to immediate punishment by someone close to you.

To see a walking stick means that you will be reliving an unpleasant encounter from a situation that you have been trying to forget, from your childhood. Confront the pain and you will be able to deal with things. This symbol can also mirror repressed anger or stress.

In your teacup you could have

  • Seen a cane.
  • Observed more than one cane.

Meaning of the cane in your tea leaf reading

Near the handle of the teacup: You may need to talk with a person in your family, in order to make an effort to deal with a long term feud.

Bottom of teacup: located within the bottom of your teacup, this position demonstrates that you will encounter a person who will ask many questions. concerns.

By the rim of the teacup: Finding tranquillity is important, particularly in connection to a long-term romance.

Middle of teacup: you will confront a high probability to boost your own financial extramarital relationships.

Large cap: to see a larger cap than the other symbols signifies that your current mind is strong in the face of opposition.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012