Law of Analogy

Law of analogy

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Thorndike created a law of response by analogy.

It simply means the answer. So what does analogy mean? Basically it is a transfer of another situation. This is basically a theory that says that the transfer will happen if there are certain common factors in the learning experience. For example, a person who learns to solve a math question may apply the same method to another, provided the actual question is similar. An analogy is really a bridge. it is microcosm of man and also the universe. This is 3rd dimension in existence. This law means that people generally share common elements to past experiences. For example learning to drive is a response by analogy.

When we attempt to apply the Law of Analogy to reading a person's characteristics we must be very careful to confine our­selves to prescribed limits, for illustrations are not arguments, although they frequently elucidate an argument. Because the whale and the elephant have heavier brains than men, it is incorrect to infer from analogy that the latter has less intelligence than the former, because size and quality in pro­portion to the weight of the body must be considered.

On the other hand, when we compare a lorry pulling a heavy load, with a racehorse running a race, we are impressed with the comparison, and draw the analogy that they both represent Power, and Length represents. If we look at the case of ships (other things being equal) and many other things of the same class, the inference is correct. Applied to various parts of the body we find the same law applies, and the student should remember to draw this distinction between power and activity when giving definitions.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013