Hawk Feather Meaning

Hawk Feather Meaning

Hawk Feather Meaning

Because you are reading this - I take it that you have found a hawk's feather? Are you wondering what it means spiritually?The hawk feather is a symbol of swooping and the truth of how to see beyond the daily grind, if you see a hawk feather on a road this is about achieving more of your path in life. ​​What type of hawk feather did you find? The spiritual meaning of seeing this feather can have meaning. I am here to provide the lowdown of different hawk feathers and their spiritual meaning. If you look at my image above (different types of feathers) it will provide us with a clue of which feather you found. I will now run over what seeing or finding a hawk feather means which depends on the patterns of the feather.

Is finding a hawk feather good or bad?

In my opinion as a medium, a hawk indicates both insights and spirituality. I am excited that you found the feather - it is a positive omen. The details about the colors of the feather, where you found it, and when you found it all have their own meaning which I will discuss - so you are fully informed about what this means for you.

Any feather spiritually is connected to our own guardian angels and they are about a message from our higher self and spirit guides. In angelic spirituality, hawks are associated with protecting others through insight. The first thing to do when you find a hawk feather is to look at the patterns. Take note of what the feather looks like. There are many different types of feathers you could find, from a light fluffy feather to a more pronounced feather. I want to speak a little bit about the actual patterns on the main hawk to begin with. 

What does the feather pattern mean?

The feather pattern is a piece of art, especially if a repeating pattern emerged. I refer to this as a spiritual pattern. There are spiritual patterns that can be seen in the feathers. The truth is we are not perfect people and the pattern is about our life. We all love the patterns and think of the patterns as infusing us just like a teabag that the good is spread out.

Each hawk feather has a white tip that is represented by the tip of life, in my view, the spiritual focus. We see patterns everywhere and this helps us make sense of our own reality.

Feathers come from pre-historic times and are connected to our pathways. When a bird develops from a chick the feathers grow, what is amazing is that the feathers are connected to hexagonal patterns and each feather is unique and individual like every snowflake. 

What do the patterns of the hawk feather mean?

Plain red-tailed feather - This could be a brown or white feather or even with a red tinge. This represents happiness and is a miracle that this pattern has emerged. It is a sign that in an admirable way we need to appreciate what we have, and think about what makes us feel satisfied. We will increase our happiness by making sure that we are in tune with others.

White feather with brown spots or stripes at the top - Many hawk feathers incorporate both brown and white and have many different patterns, from spots to stripes. If the feather you have found has repeating patterns then remember that things can change rapidly, our ideas are often nested within others that change less frequently (music frequently illustrates this) it's about the rhythm of life. Think about it, leaves change faster than trees, while trees and forests change much more rapidly than leaves. The climate changes much more quickly than the weather. That's not how it works. Think of change like chaos within an order, clutter within chaos, and all for a higher order. The order that is most true is the one that is unchanging. However, that order is not always the most obvious. A feather can be perceived as a dazzling light and cause you the finder to lose sight of what is really going on. The hawk could be the observer in life - watching and urging change.

Arch shapes on the feather - If you see the arch on the hawk feather is an interesting spiritual pattern. This shape is up and down and represents relationships. This is a spiritual sign to be kind to others. Interestingly, being kind is a way to be kind to yourself. As you focus on the things that make you happy, it's as if your heart opens and you can feel the love that is inside of you. Being open to welcoming others into your space will be made possible by this energy. Whenever you have a moment of bliss, you provide a space for others to feel the same. The arch is about how you can bring healing to the world when you are happy. I encourage you to find the simple things that bring you joy if you find this feather. By doing so, you help others and raise your energy in life. Being happy is contagious remember.

White and brown feathers merged - I’ve spoken about the color white previously, but what does it mean to see white and brown feathers. Just as you have a physical body, we also have an emotional body in life. All our emotions are part of us and the combined white and brown feather shows the contrast between grounding and spirituality. Many people believe they are their emotions - rather than their bodies. This feather is about being free in life. Are you free?

What is the spiritual symbol of a hawk feather?

The feather I believe is connected to our own inner wisdom, there is an old wives tale that finding a feather is a message from a loved one that has crossed over. If you find the hawk feather on your property (near your garden or home) then this omen is about your own comfort levels.

To see a hawk feather is about having a clearer thought process and the ability to make better decisions.  Hawks fly high above us, they have amazing eyesight: connecting to our earthbound existence with the magnificent mystery of the universe. Ultimately, the hawk motivates us to fly higher, to reach out, to achieve under any circumstances. 

In ancient cultures the hawk is a symbol of insight and protection, I am lucky that from my conservatory I can see the hawks flying down across the fields and sometimes a feather enters my garden - there is a key spiritual reason why you have seen this feather.

Feather 1 - Baby hawk feather?

To see a hawk feather that is fluffy can suggest new beginnings. There is a great focus on starting something fresh. I know it may be hard to identify if this is a baby hawk feather or a feather from the breast of the hawk. Either way, the feather is soft and denotes a new start and beginnings. 

Feather 2 - What does it mean if white is on the feather?

To see a touch of white on the hawk feather is super positive. This is because white is connected to being pure. It is a message that we should all feel pure magic to connect with the hawk if you are on the spiritual path, as you are most likely if you are reading this article. Among other things, the white on the hawk feather signifies growth. It reminds us of the vastness of the universe.

Feather 3 - What does it mean to see a small hawk feather that is plain?

It is even rare to find a hawk feather that is mostly plain and encompasses spots or lines. So what does this mean? One must face daily tasks. This means as an omen that you can take steps forward independently, but it is important to still balance the needs of others, such as friendship, work, and love.

You will not think about others if you feel you are the "center of the universe". This feather can denote you have been dealing with someone that is rather much like: " what can you do for me." A solid-coloured feather is spiritually connected to taking responsibility for your own actions and making the best of interpersonal relationships - not being used or abused. It is enough to ask, "What will this person give me?" Rather, it is urging you to ask what can I do for this person. 

Feathers 4 to 8 - What does it mean to see a patterned feather?

If the hawk feather you find is a zig-zag shape or has a number of dots this means you need insight into life. The lines on the feather show you there are many paths to happiness, and you need to open yourself up to the light.  If you look at the world through dark glasses, it almost seems as though everything is darker due to the hawk's vision. Open your eyes is the message.  Rather than lamenting about the darkness of the world, you can take off the glasses. This is encouraging you to see the beauty of the world, ok, you may find it hard to see it. I get the feeling the zig zags or lines on the feather are a way to tell you that everything will be alright. Would you be able to remove your shadow glasses? Is it possible to look straight ahead now? Can you look directly at the world now? Can you see where you are supposed to be?

What is the ancient spiritual meaning of a hawk feather?

I have long been fascinated by Eastern belief systems, especially Hinduism and Buddhism. These stunning religions speak of a spiritual connection that created all things, and we can connect to different spiritual realms. The hawk feather in Egyptian times was related to our soul and it was thought that the hawk was a sign that a person has been reincarnated. The hawk feather often appears to us from the sky or you see one landing on the floor. Our emotions interpret energy. Have you ever accidentally stumbled onto a party where everyone was laughing and dancing? Has this ever happened to you? Laughter fills your body and makes you forget all of your worries. It makes you feel alive. The energy like the hawk is of laughter, just like the hawk feather is a projection to be able to see through the mist and make life fun again. 

In ancient Babylonian times, birds were thought to carry mystical messages. In other ancient cultures, hawks bring the power of thought, wisdom, and knowledge.

Where did you find the hawk feather?

Hawks are generally located in rural areas, in particular the countryside. If you do come across a feather this is considered an omen and rather rare. If you find a hawk feather then this is a spiritual message that there are certain intentions in life. It is, in my view, a great omen. Especially if you are waking and just see the feather laying on the ground.

When did you see the hawk feather?

The season that you see the hawk feather is also significant which I touch on below.

  • Summer time: New beginnings and fertility, children, new ventures. Growth, expansion, and fullness. 
  • Autumn time: focused on the new beginnings, ripeness, preparation and resolve. 
  • As winter approaches: we think of death, tranquillity, hibernation, rest, and introspection.
  • What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a hawk feather?

I have spoken already at length about the hawk's feather, but finding one will provide you with some spiritual guidance. In general, seeing a hawk's feather is about focusing on your own vision and perspective. Are you feeling blinded or bound by fear? Do you become so fixated on possible catastrophes that it is difficult to see the many opportunities available? Are you able to justify your fears by citing past traumas as proof of their existence? We all know that thoughts are expressions of feelings. Whenever we think about something we like, we feel good inside. There is nothing worse than being haunted by the past. This is a sign that you may tend to keep overthinking - are you worried about life? - don’t worry is the message I am giving you. Hawk feathers have routinely been used in many spells and occult work in order to gain insight. I’d like to share some guidance on finding this feather as follows:

  • Take the feather in your hands and take a few deep, closed-eye breaths and become more aware of your body and your surroundings.
  • Intuitively, place your hands on an area of your body that needs more energy or attention with the feather. 
  • Breathe in deeply and allow your breath, which is carrying extra life-force energy to this area of the body, to enter your hands.
  • Listen to what your body tells you. Be aware of your body's natural signals, messages and signs.
  • This is connecting to your inner self, to develop your own perspective, so when you are ready to express your intent
  • Open your eyes to the possibilities in life

Did you know that a hawk can see with 20/4 vision? What this means is that we can only see from 4 feet but hawks can see clearly from 20 feet. This is a long way. So what does this mean? Because hawks are able to see very well, they have many adaptations. I believe that we can tie this into why you have seen the hawk feather and seeing a hawk feather is an omen about your own perspective in life, changing this and adapting or even seeing something you have not seen before. To see a hawk feather on the grass is about making small improvements every day, even if they aren't obvious at first. Remember the term “the grass is not always greener.” You'll see the progress you make and the improvements you make as you go. 

The hawk feather is urging you to open your eyes

I read an interesting fact that if the hawk lies on the floor, the eye of the hawk is approximately the same size as a person's thumbnail. They also have rings that protect hawks' eyes from injury. The world you live in is your creation. You are creating a path for yourself with every thought, feeling, and expression you make. The hawk's feather is a reminder that you need to see better in regards to the problems. Sometimes we are overshadowed by doubt.  Like the ring protecting the hawks eye think of situations expanding. If you drop a rock in water, you will create a ripple. This movement will cause a change in the surroundings. Waves in your life are created by your thoughts. The ripples in your mind are like waves of the tide that return in waves. What you want are thoughts that work for you rather than against you.

Hawks are connected to the spiritual element of air

A hawk can be connected to four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. The most common element is air, due to the fact they fly in the sky. It is possible, however, to associate a hawk's habitat, color, or activity with other elements. If you think about the color of a hawk, the brown is about grounding. It doesn't matter how much we take this for granted, it is vital to remember the value of listening to our inner self and ground when we face difficult situations. Our attention and understanding make others feel valued and validated. Listening well and attentively creates goodwill. You can learn a lot about others by listening effectively. You can also have fun with them if you listen effectively. A hawk's feather is a step towards showing more concern for others' emotions due to the element of air.

A hawk spiritually represents

  • Basic meaning: Intelligence, information, freedom, communication - the air of intelligence and wisdom
  • Earth: Stability, abundance, abundance, nourishment, grounding
  • Water: Dreams, intuition, adaptation, purification, emotion.
  • Fire: Motivation, creativity, passion, vitality, purification 

Hawks are able to see for miles. There is a spiritual message here for you. The Hawk feather has come to you to say - you can be free! It's so easy! It is urging you to become nearer to your spirit guides, and this is a powerful way to communicate with your own spiritual development in life. This is a positive omen. 

What do falling hawks feathers mean?

To see the falling feathers of a hawks (maybe this landed on the ground) is quite exciting as spiritually this symbolizes insight in life. Perhaps you have felt blindfolded or unable to see clearly. It is a sign that you are now free of the people who brought you into darkness. A traumatic past experience may have made you feel worthless or damaged. It is often best to wait until the situation improves and be patient during these times. The more hawk feathers that fall from the sky can indicate that you feel like an outsider. Shunned by people is often a sign that you must now see clearly. We lose sight of the present when we are blinded by fear, much like the Hawk. It is often paralyzing to wait for "negative" things to happen. Instead, the message is to embrace the present.

What does it mean to see multiple hawk feathers?

To see multiple hawk feathers on the ground can indicate the need to understand how we function internally. Each person in life acts in accordance with their own expectations and needs, this is because everyone knows what they should expect, and we can all function peacefully. The feathers show you that we all act based on our needs and expectations. People who understand what each other expects can work together to manage the world, and shared beliefs to in a nutshell - to simplify life. This simplification is perhaps the most important thing. When people believe in something, they won't fight for it sometimes. But, I feel that in order to strike a balance between what people expect and how they act, they will fight. Peace, predictability, and productivity are a result of these principles. Uncertainty reduces chaos and the intolerable emotions it invariably generates. The hawk feathers (more than one) found can be connected to how we navigate life through the chaos of others. Therefore, the more feathers that appear before you the more you should fight for what is right in life and make things simple.

What does it mean if someone you know finds a hawk feather?

The hawk feather if found by another (maybe a son or daughter) spiritually is about the distance, it is always about going the distance. Maybe your road in life has been a road too far, in fact, maybe you have reached a point where you pushing yourself to the horizons. Hawks can see in colour and long distances, in fact, their visual ability is more than eight times a human's eyesight. Spiritually a hawk is a symbol that we can see more in life. What is your highest point? As someone else found the hawk feather it could be about their own progression in life. Our energy is determined by every thought and every action we take.

How can you use the Hawk feather energy?

With the hawk’s connection to the skies, they are free to travel between heaven and earth. We are all the same mind or are one mind, we can communicate telepathically. The hawk feather provides us with the energy to rise up and think of other people’s thoughts. The feather can help you communicate with others, and this is an ancient Indian tradition. Although telepathy can be described metaphorically, science will eventually explain it as a function of brain activity and electromagnetic waves. Still, it will remain a mystery. Despite not being a mystery forever, telepathy will always be a mystery to all. As a spiritual lesson, the feather is telling you that telepathy teaches that the illusions of separation, aloneness, and abandonment are illusions. All of us are connected. What an invigorating realization! Friends, family, and even strangers are all connected. Is it our duty to care for them all? Strangers are just as important to us as our close friends and family members. Should we care and love everyone? In the same way, you love your neighbour, you should also love yourself.

Throughout history, birds have been revered as symbols of divine inspiration in many cultures. Throughout history, humans have been fascinated by birds, inspiring many forms of connecting to spirit. Hence, they are able to travel between heaven and earth due to their connection to the skies. Birds have always fascinated mankind, which is why many forms of divination are based on their behavior. You can work with birds in many ways, including from a spiritual perspective. Birds can be worked with in more ways than just watching them in their natural environment or looking at their images in books or on film. Through meditation and other methods, you will learn how to connect to the energies of each bird.

Why folklore is important when considering a hawk's feather?

In Lakota the mythology the hawk is a spirit that was connected to speed, being enduring and swift in life. It was supposed to be the spirit of power and manifesting what you want from life. I also read that an old Orkneys tomb that was about 4,000 years old was excavated. It contained human bones and hawk bones. The bodies of the dead were left out for sea eagles to clean up before burial. The bones of the deceased were then buried with them. Therefore, hawks are spiritually about life and death?

The hawk was associated with the Great Mother Amenti, in ancient Egypt, she was associated with the fields of peace and the realm of the dead in Egyptian lore.  In Ancient Egypt, the hawk was known as the royal bird, it was an omen of greatness. Gods (especially the Egyptian gods) were often seen as being hawk-headed or accompanied by hawks. The gods included: Ptah, Mentu, Ra, Horus, Khensu, Rehu, Sokar and Keghsenuf had a hawk-like head or the hawk was within the pictures on the old clay walls. The vulture (although not the hawk) was used in hieroglyphics as the symbol for the letter A, therefore, birds mean a new beginning. According to Polynesian stories, the hawk is a healer and a prophet.

What does it mean to see a hawk feather moving across the floor by the wind?

To see the feather moving in the wind can indicate a key relationship will suffer if it is not balanced. It will make your life less enjoyable if it doesn't allow you to express yourself and receive recognition. Listening is essential to a healthy and strong self and for healthy relationships. Listening is a powerful tool in shaping character. 

Conclusion to finding a hawk feather and the spiritual meaning

It is rare to find a feather from a hawk so take note. Remember how the hawk hunts the fields for prey - it is about moving and scouting out the best food at ground level, floating, watching, and waiting to pounce. Therefore this bird spirituality is about seeing opportunities that open up for you, the importance of having different perspectives in life and how you can achieve success.

This omen is about making sure you can produce the focus that you need. For a long time, we have associated the hawk with spirituality and energy. The hawk soars into the sky and is closer to heaven than we are on the ground. Think of this bird as swooping down on your dreams. The colors of the feathers spiritually carry messages for you which I have outlined above. The hawk's ability to see in the blink of a second and rise from the ground is a sign to of seizing opportunities and not letting people stop you. I hope this spiritual sign resonates with you.

By Florance Saul
Jun 21, 2022