Anchor meaning

Unlock the sercrets behind the Anchor

What do you see when you view the image on an anchor?

Some see a crescent moon symbolic of the female vulva, a mast representative of the male and serpent entwined around both indicative of fertility and life.In Christianity the anchor represents the cross, due to the obvious resemblance. Irrespective of its appearance, the anchor always symbolizes good luck, safety and security to those of sea-going nations and is generally associated with hope, steadfastness, salvation, stability, and tranquility.

An anchor is mostly used by seamen. In regards to the superstition surrounding an anchor from the ancient times was believed to hold charm powers. It was believed that it would protect any person who would wear it to the sea against sea storms. The anchor in some of the instances was a sign of fidelity trust and love. Some of the earlier Christians used an anchor as a symbol of the cross in instances where it was declared unlawful to carry a cross to show love for God. It was also used as a sign of expressing love to another person in when it was given as a gift during a special event.

It was generally believed that an anchor had the powers of keeping one's emotions and feelings a secret when one was in love with somebody. As a result it would protect one from losing sight. On the other hand if it was thought that ones heart had wandered for too long and needed to settle down, then an anchor would help achieve their desires. To dream of an anchor resulted in security as it was a sign of stability and steadfastness. For a seaman to dream of an anchor is a sign of one's desire to be on the sea.

On the other hand there was a belief that an anchor was a sign of something holding one back, in that it symbolized a shackled relationship that was not working and to a greater extent a problem was emotional. Some ancient interpreters associated that this was associated with dependency of an individual upon their mothers. There existed some superstition that if a girl at a given point in her life dreamt about an anchor then one of her children in the future was expected to be a sailor. Nevertheless, it was believed to be a sign of good luck if a sailor ever dreamt of an anchor. If an anchor was hidden in water then it was believed to be a very clear indication that there was an impending danger or rather a disappointment.

In some occasions it was presumed to be a sign of destruction for a sailor to dream of an anchor while on board since it was perceived to be a sign of death approaching. On the other hand if a sailor had a dream of an anchor while NOT at sea then it was believed to be a sign that he or she would soon travel abroad or would change their place of dwelling or rather domicile. Most anchors are made of iron, therefore this is seen as a strong sign of protection. The anchor is an emblem of a hopefully bright future. As we mentioned previously, the anchor is rather like a cross shape and is used in many religions as well as worn as jewellery or on the body as a protective charm. We all know the importance of eight hours a night sleep, but dreaming of an anchor can indicate that one needs to ensure they are protected. Chances are that if you have such a dream then it is a sign of protection.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012