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Tarot List Of Meanings - Quick Meanings Of Tarot

Tarot List Of Card Meanings

Most tarot websites online provide a detailed overview of each card, but sometimes you just want a quick meaning of a specific card. You have come to the best place! Especially if you are carrying out a speed reading and have little time.

Below we have grouped together the quickest tarot meanings online. Before moving into the specific card readings it is, important to briefly run over the key elements of the cards.

How many cards are in a tarot deck?

Total deck of tarot cards is 78. The minor arcana deck consists of 22 cards. There are 14 cards in each of the four suits.

The difference between major arcana and minor arcana?

The major arcana is associated with our own hidden lessons from spirit. The fool begins a journey, and each of the cards on his travels is filled with wisdom - for you to learn.

There is an agreement to the significations of each card, that can modify the meaning depending on the position. The four suits: cups, wands, pentacles and swords are associated with the four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Plus the four-day divisions: morning, noon, evening and night. They also associate with the timelines we encounter as human beings. Youth, manhood, maturity and old age.

To summarize the actual meanings quickly:

  • Pentacles = youth, business, and money.
  • Wands = manhood, hard work and progression.
  • Cups = maturity, happiness hearts, and love.
  • Swords = old age, pain, fortune.

The court cards in a tarot deck are associated with the personality and in most cases are associated with people’s influence over the shuffler. The four minor arcana cards normally represent the following:

  • Page: children or young teenagers who need emotional experience.
  • Knights: Young adults in their twenties or those that hold quite a mature outlook in life.
  • Queens: Provides an older perspective such as wisdom and wise words. A female influence.
  • Kings: Authority in life and control over others. Strong male influence.

These cards can actually point to real people in life. The stereotype of each of these cards needs to be reviewed while carrying out the reading. 

Here is a quick list of tarot meanings.

Major Arcana list of quick tarot meanings:

0 The Fool: the start in life. Something beginning.

1 The Magician: Magic, psychic person. Good news.

2 The High Priestess: traveling to astral planes. Spiritual development.

3 The Empress: child, marriage, mother, nurture and changes.

4 The Emperor: controlling male, dominating, dependable and a father figure.

5 The Hierophant: religion, spiritual completion, enlightenment, and papers or letters.

6 The Lovers: passion, love, marriage, relationship, delayed emotions.

7 The Chariot: a journey, bringing in a new start, travel and new residence.

8 Strength: power, strength, beginnings, boldness and good fortune.

9 The Hermit: recluse, taking an inward journey, peace, meditation and time away.

10 Wheel of Fortune: out of control, for good or bad, ill news and good news, ups and downs.

11 Justice: time to forgive, taking on board actions, conclusion, law and order and a just result.

12 The Hanged Man: boredom, enlightenment, perplexities in some areas

13 Death – change, the end, obstacles, worries and losses, dishonest and litigation.

14 Temperance: balancing emotions, money, harmony, pleasure in daily life.

15 The Devil: bondage, giving away the power, dishonesty, slight troubles, jealousy, and uncertainty.

16 The Tower: the collapse of a stable situation, estrangement, events come crashing down and delay.

17 The Star: hope, legacy, good luck, money, and love.

18 The Moon: dark forces at work, worry, mystery and removal in a situation.

19 The Sun: inner contentment, love, family life, good luck, bringing in money and good news

20 Judgment: time to repent and forgive, taking account of actions, journey, and good luck.

21 The World: final, happiness, a resolution, life is good, conclusion that is positive.

Pentacles quick tarot meaning of each card.

  • Ace of Pentacles means marriage and money.
  • Two of Pentacles means decision and risk in connection with money.
  • Three of Pentacles means tangible results.
  • Four of Pentacles means being paranoid.
  • Five of Pentacles means faith and happiness.
  • Six of Pentacles suggests charity in life and giving to others.
  • Seven of Pentacles denotes patience and pleasure in life.
  • Eight of Pentacles is the short journey.
  • Nine of Pentacles suggests anxiety and news.
  • Ten of Pentacles means strong foundations.
  • Page of Pentacles means a messenger.
  • Knight of Pentacles represents an official person.
  • Queen of Pentacles means fair women, widow and a gossip.
  • King of Pentacles suggests a fair or grey-haired man and widower.

Sword quick meaning of each card: 

Swords normally represent pain in the reading.

  • Ace of swords means satisfaction in love.
  • Two of swords means difficult decisions to make.
  • Three of Swords means not many options in life.
  • Four of Swords means it’s time to get ready and fight your corner.
  • Five of swords victory but with emotional baggage.
  • Six of Swords suggests one’s actions will have negative consequences.
  • Seven of Swords suggests change and resolution.
  • Eight of swords means impending illness or sorrow.
  • Nine of swords means failure.
  • Ten of Swords means long journey and grief.
  • Page of Swords doctor, barrister or bad manners.
  • Knight of Swords suggests marriage.
  • Queen of swords means hard women, widow and the good friend.
  • King of Swords suggests a widower or untrustworthy.

Cups quick tarot meaning of each card.

Cups represent love in a reading.

  • Ace of Cups means positive emotions and happiness.
  • Two of Cups Means a Connection and Love.
  • Three of cups Means happy accomplishments.
  • Four of cups means taking love for granted.
  • Five of Cups suggests moving on in love.
  • Six of cups means help from someone.
  • Seven of Cups suggests happiness but daydreams and choices.
  • Eight of cups means it is time to move on.
  • Nine of cups means success.
  • Ten of cups means family and contentment.
  • Page of Cups suggests a lover or proposal.
  • Knight of Cups suggests marriage.
  • Queen of cups means a caring, blonde women.
  • King of Cups suggests an emotional but easy going fair-haired man.

Quick Meaning Of Wands:

Wands represent work in a reading.

  • Ace of wands means a great idea.
  • Two of wands denotes many possibilities.
  • Three of Wands denotes plans are moving quickly.
  • Four of Wands means tangible results.
  • Five of Wands means to attack.
  • Six of wands denotes you are winning.
  • Seven of Wands represents the defense.
  • Eight of Wands means bringing life together.
  • Nine of Wands indicates hard work that pays off.
  • Ten of wands means success and burden.
  • Knight of wands means determination.
  • Page of wands denotes a dark haired man or women.
  • Queen of Wands means a kind, caring women.
  • King of Wands is positive in business.

By Florance Saul
Mar 1, 2017