Black Magic

Black Magic

Unlock the hidden secrets of Black Magic

Magic that is considered to be bad, malicious, or harmful such as binding, taking the will away from others, or working with known evil spirits or forces. 

Black magic is fueled by powerful spirits and forces and those who practice it warn those who want to perform this magic to be aware. They must be wary of engaging in black magic that causes damage. There are certain things that one needs to know before attempting to venture into rituals and readings.

Firstly, check out if you wish to join in this thread of magic and STUDY before casting spells or hexes, otherwise, the harm might just befall on you.

It is important to learn how it is done before anyone tries to use this type of magic, as it can change the course of ones future. It is considered a dark art due to the fact that, it is used to control someone else, so if your aim is to form justice and peace, then seek help through white magic. Black magic is used for personal gains or hurting another.

Why People Use Black Magic

It is believed that different people use black magic for different reasons.

The following gives a possible overview of when black magic is used:

  • It is used to communicate with the dead.
  • If someone is a criminal and there is a need to stop them, black magic  is used to stop the person’s action.
  • It is used to improve health and immortality.
  • It is used to make sure that love is everlasting; love spell is grouped under black magic.

Please note: when using the love spell you may not want to be with the person forever, thus, it binds you to them even though the relationship may turn out badly. Using magic in Love is not advised.

Your true love may pass you by. Most importantly, the problem with using black magic and voodoo spells upon another may result in being bound by that person for the rest of one’s life. They might not necessarily be the right person. That is my personal recommendation.

The Hexes And Curses Used in Black Magic

There are  multiple ways in which to practice black magic other than using classic black magic ritual; hexes or rituals are used in order to bring bad luck to the person to whom the black magic is being applied to. It can even  result in them showing zombie signs, doing whatever you want them to do. But it is advisable that, care has to be taken when performing different  magical methods, the whole spell  does not backfire back to whoever is practicing it.

The reason for the need for misfortune to befall us, is that life has to valid. Misuse of power is prohibited.

Learning The Basics of Black Magic

It is important to learn the basics of black magic before practicing it in order to perfect the art. The desired outcome will be determined by what rituals are used to perform the black magic. There are several rituals which are available for use ranging from raising the dead to casting a spell to gain wealth.

Most of the rituals performed by those who practice black magic involve cleaning the area as follows:

  • Step one: choose a site where the spell or curse will take place
  • Step two: a circle of power is drawn and is used on the casting site; a pentacle is drawn inside it and salt put in the four corners of the room.
  • Step three: Crystals, herbs, candles and other materials are employed in order to help in drawing out the spirits
  • Step four: Repeating the power word three times before embarking on a ritual.

Can You Handle Different Consequences?

It is advisable that whoever is practicing black magic should be aware of the consequences of what they are engaging in. It involves awakening the forces of darkness, meaning, one has to be ready to handle whatever comes through the astral plane. Particular forces may include demons! Can you handle them if they connect with you?

It is stated in the Wiccan Rede law that, whatever is asked for during the rituals, comes back in threefold and one has to be ready to counter the strong forces.

Those who want to practice it should ask themselves if they are really in dire need that they are willing to take whatever downside that comes with practicing  this branch of magic. The outcome of the black magic should be worth all the risk one has to take.

Details of How the Black Magic Ritual is performed

A circle is drawn with a pentagram inside it which forms the powerful symbol that is always present during the black magic ritual.

A wand hewn made and drawn from a hazel tree. It is used to draw the circle on the ground, but there is an option of using a stick or other implement when drawing the symbol - if the Hazelwood is scarce. A strategic place has to be chosen which will give out the best results.  The following locations are the best:

  • An isolated place in the woods, which will easily be accessed by the spirits as a densely populated place won’t be ideal for the spirits
  • If the plan is to use the souls of the dead, then the graveyard is the ideal location

After drawing the circle, step into it and gather your energy and concentration as you will need a lot of energy in order to be successful with your spell and nothing should distract you while performing the spell.

The words of power have to be recited while the spell is being performed with each spell having different words to be recited in order to achieve results.

If you are out to summon a spirit or a demon, you must know its full names in order for the spell to work. The is no one spell which can work for everything. A spell for love is different from a spell for immortality so it is advisable that one has to do a research before performing a spell.

Once the performer of the spell finishes the ritual, they must be prepared for the outcome which might be negative or positive.

Summoning a spirit or a beast has to be done in the most respectful manner and one has to be aware that, this type of creature will not necessarily obey the commands of the black magic performer and might end up harming them.

The spells which is intended for use in black magic is normally written in the Grimoire book of spells with instructions on how to perform them during black magic.

Apart from placing a spell, those performing black magic can also use a hex instead of a spell. This is done through a procedure which is detailed and will need to be explained in a separated article titled “Using a Hex to perform black magic”

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012