Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher

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Christopher is perceived a martyr by the Roman Catholics and the orthodox christians Saint Christopher was killed in the third century during the ruler ship of Emperor Decius who ruled between 249 and 251 or during the ruler ship of Maximinus II Dacian in 308–313.It is not clear which date it was as the two names appear similar.

Requesting petitions for the following:            

  • Travel.
  • Accidents.
  • Sudden death.
  • Feast: 25-Jul
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Candle/Emblem: Red
  • Matters concerning: For protection against accidents, sudden death, and safe travel. Also to cure contagious diseases. Patron saint of travelers

Saint Christopher is venerated by the Eastern Orthodox on 9th May. In the Tridentate calendar, he is the commemoration was authorized to take place on 25th July and in privatized masses only. The restriction was then lifted some time later as is indicated in the General Roman calendar by 1954. Despite his approval of the devotion to saint Christopher by the Roman Catholic Church, Pope John Paul VI deleted his feast form the calendar in the 1969. The basis for the removal was that, the commemoration did not go in line with the Roma Traditions as it took place very late and that it was introduced into the Roman Catholic in an unethical manner. This resulted to the localization of the feast.

Veneration and ritualizing of the saint

Various churches offer recognition for the saint, among the churches that do venerate the saint is the Eastern Orthodox Church which does it on 9th May of every year. The veneration is accompanied by various hymns and liturgical readings which mark the temptation that the Emperor gave Saint Christopher by exposing him to Harlots some while before he gave orders that he be beheaded.

In the modern practical application, the orthodox wear his image or put it in their vehicles with the intention of getting protection when travelling for long journeys.


There are claims that the skull of Saint Christopher is packed in a gold container and is being stored at a Museum known as Sacred Art which is in St Justine's Church which is in Rab, Croatia. It is believed that the skull was transported there during the 11th century and placed put on the wall of that city where at one time it miraculously destroyed  attempts by the Sacaren army to take the over the city.


The saint is honored by Matallions that have his name and image and are worn as pendant by various believers. The pendant is common among the travelers who testify their devotion to the Saint and the Holy master, on overall view, the pendant is attributed to receivable blessings. Various statues in honor of the saint are common in automobiles, this helps to offer protection against accidents that the travelers are exposed to.

Patronage offered by Saint Christopher

This Saint is very common among many believers especially those in the following careers and career fields; Athletics, Marine, Ferry workers and even the travelers. Reference is often made to him as being among the fourteen helpers in the Roman Catholic religion. Saint Christopher hold patronage to several issues that are associated to the traveler s and travel in general, they include securing one against lighting, pestilence, archery, bachelorhood, boatmen, epilepsy, bookbinders, flooding, grocery, gardening, fullers, holy death, marine, carriers for the market, automobiles operators, storms, sea voyages, surfers, mountaineering, toothache and workers in the career of transportation.

By Florance Saul
Aug 17, 2012