Lavender flowers

Lavender flowers

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Lavender has several identities including Nardus, Elf leaf, and Nard.

Lavender originated in Mediterranean regions and has become a much-liked herb due to its nice scent. The flowers of holy essence, in the medieval ages

Lavender flower help to

  • Promote love and related issues
  • Draw potential lovers closer
  • Bring faithfulness into the marriage
  • Maintain peace in the home

Magical uses

For a long time, people have been using Lavender flowers to bring more luck into their love life and this is the reason why these days, Lavender flowers are relied on in increasing passion, cooperation, harmony and romance among lovers. There are claims that wearing a sachet filled with a flower at the bosom makes one more attractive to the person they desire and thus improve the chances of winning their affections.

The flowers can also increase one’s attraction to members of the same sex, to become attractive, simply rub lavender flowers on your clothes. It will create a significant effect on the reader of a letter if rubbed on the paper on which the letter will be written in. To get complete satisfaction to inform your lover, combine them with Rosebuds and under the bed.

The Lavender flowers will also bring more peace to your home as well as fidelity in your marriage if a tea made from it is added to the water used to clean the floor.

Powerful, spells that are used to attract money, bring peace and appease spirits are made from Lavender flowers. Note that it is the good fragrance and flowery taste that makes the flowers essential in magic. The tea should not be taken at night since it decreases the desire for sex.

Lavender flowers can be carried in the form of sachets so as to bring one much closer to the world of spirits. Burning dry lavender flowers will attract more money, success. Protection and love, in addition, it can also promote rest and sleep.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012