Jasmine flowers

Jasmine flowers

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This is a dry herb which from the Olive family, it grows naturally in various parts of Australasia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Jasmine has small flowers that produce a strong scent. It has a long history in Egypt where it was used to beautify gardens in the temples; it was associated with long life and protection. These days, the Indians plant the flowers in their home gardens; they use it for the beatification of hair, worshipping, and rituals.

Jasmine is linked to the moon due to its strong scent and beauty attributes. It has varied uses in aromatherapy.

Jasmine flowers will help to

  • In attracting money towards you.
  • Receipting psychic dreams.
  • Healing broken hearth.
  • attracting beauty.
  • Improving wealth status.
  • Improving self-esteem.
  • Promoting sleep.

Magical uses

The Jasmine flowers are an important ingredient in the manufacture of spells that are used for various purposes such as Money, Love and Prophetic dreams. The Jasmine flowers are a good receptor for psychic dreams, to serve this purpose; they have to be burnt in the bedroom. Its affectivity can be increased by combination with Lavender and putting them into a sachet that will; be put in the pillow so as to give the user lucid dreams. The flower also have excellent results when combined with the love portions as they end up producing best charms ever, this is necessitated by their ability to improve spiritual love.

The flowers can produce oil which will be combined with the almond oil to produce a dermatological mixture for skin rigidity. The Jasmine flowers make jasmine oil which is used to repair hearts that have been broken.

In another related use, the Jasmine Oil is mixed with Rose Oil, Damiana Oil and Bergamot Oil and the resulting oil is known as Come To Me Oil, this oil has been associated with lover attraction, the results will be much better when produced in the nights when the moon is full. You will attract more money and wealth by wearing, burning or carrying jasmine flowers. When boiled with vodka, Basil Leaf and Lotus Seeds they produce a portion that improves on one’s appearance and socioeconomic status.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012