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Alfalfa is flowering plant from the legume family.

Its binomial name is Medigo Sativa, but a more common alias for it is Lucerne.

It is very common in pastures seeing as it is grown throughout the world as forage for cattle, and is harvested as hay. The crop itself is small and seeded. It grows slowly, but once mature is very resilient even in droughts.

Alkanet is a plant that is used to produce vibrant red dyes.

It is part of the borage family, and is easily spotted in fields through its bright blue flowers, oblong leaves, and thick hairy stems which rise to a height of one to three feet. It is commonly grown in the southern and central parts Europe.

The name Alfalfa is Spanish in origin, but it is actually derived from the Arabic word al-fisfisa. The earliest records of the plant are attributed to Mediterranean region, and were made by the Roman writer Palladius in his book on agriculture. The Romans credited the origins of the plant to the Medes land or today’s Iran, and were probably correct in their assumption.

Alfalfa will help to

  • Bring money.
  • Career mover.
  • Secure promotion at work.
  • Gamblers lucky charm.

Medical uses

Alfalfa has had a very long history in the field of medicine. Early Chinese physicians and alchemists used the Alfalfa plant to treat complications associated with a person’s digestive tract and kidneys. Physicians practicing Ayurvedic medicine also used this plant’s leaves to treat digestive disorders. They also used it to make cataplasm or poultice to cool the soreness of boils. At the time, Alfalfa was even used on people suffering from arthritis and fluid retention.

Magical uses

The plant's popularly is known to bring about good fortune in all financial interests. Whether the person is engaged in gambling or business, Alfalfa has been known to help them attract lady luck. It is said to keep away poverty and prevent troubles in relation to money and finance.

If you own a business or even if you are an office employee, try to sprinkle some Alfalfa under your carpet to attract good customers and to gain the boss’s goodwill.

Alternatively, you may also place the Alfalfa leaves in a bag, to carry luck wherever you go. This is especially common practice when it comes to superstitious. For gamblers, luck plays a crucial role in winning.

The Alkanet root is primarily used as a natural dying agent. In the past, it was once used as a coloring agent to improve the appearance of cheap wines, and trick the buyer into thinking that the wine was aged due to the coloration of its cork.

However, modern studies have shown that Alkanet should not be recommended for internal use as it is known to cause cancer. In present times, it mostly gives off its dyeing properties to items such as soap, lotions, ointments, wood, stone, wool and other natural fibers.

Much like Alfalfa, the Alkanet root is commonly said to attract good fortune. Its purpose is to bring luck not only in business ventures and games of chance, but to generally all matters involving money and finance. To increase wealth, mix in Alkanet root. Try to include patchouli leaves. Aim to burn the concoction upon charcoal. At the same time recite Psalm 23. Moreover, to combine Alkanet with the fiery wall of protection powder will remove any negative work of an enemy. Especially, if this enemy wishes you bad luck.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012