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White Tulip Meaning

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What does the white tulip mean spiritually?

Firstly, lets look at the word “tulip.” What does this mean?  In order to understand the significance of the white tulip we need to look at this flower in a general sense. There is much history around the tulip bulbs. The word Tulip is connected to the Turkish word for turban because of the oval shape of the flower. In Persia tradition the red tulip is associated with: declaring your love for another. Giving tulips to another in Victorian flower books is associated with giving your love to another.

The white tulip itself not only represents “love” but also passion. In particular, the white tulip is associated with not only love but peace.  In comparison, the yellow tulip indicates that you are deeply  in love with another. The tulip is a signal of spring time and Holland. The flower is associated with happiness and love. The fact that tulips signify love and are associated with spring time. Wild tulips first came to European countries in 1559, and at that time the bulbs were a high price, at least nine times a weekly wage. The white tulip is also associated with the word “victory” it denotes that something has been won in life.

There are a lot of meanings attached with white tulips abut among the most common ones are purity and innocence.

Most white flowers signify innocence or purity and white tulips are no different only that with white tulips it’s also associated with love. This makes way for a more romantic meaning of pure and perfect love. This is also the reason why many chose the white tulip to be their main flower in a wedding bouquet. That’s also aside from the fact that the white tulip naturally compliments a white wedding dress and adds to a majestic overall look.

Another meaning for the white tulips is forgiveness. So when you give a person that you have a misunderstanding with a white tulip, it’s also a way for you to say that you are sorry. Aside from forgiveness, it also signifies that you are claiming worthiness. So when you put the two meanings together, the white tulip will then be a good flower to give when you are trying to apologize to a person without looking like you're begging for a general pardon.

  • Name: White Tulip
  • Color: White
  • Shape: This depends on whether the tulip is upright or laid flat. When it is in an upright position, the shape looks like a cup. On the other hand, if it’s laid flat, it looks like a star.
  • Fact:White tulip or tulip in general is Turkey’s national flower. It represented the Turkish Empire since it is believed that the tulip flower originated in that country.
  • Poisonous: It’s poisonous but not that lethal.
  • Number of Petals: 6
  • Victorian Interpretation: Forgiveness and Beautiful eyes
  • Blossom Time: Tulips that are referred to as mid-bloomers are those that blossoms in May. The late bloomers blossoms in June while the early bloomers in April.


It is said that those who dream about white tulips are longing or perhaps undergoing fresh and new beginnings.

What the White Tulip Means

Other symbolic meanings of white tulip are rebirth, sense of hope and renewal. When it is used in a funeral, it signifies remembrance and can be taken as sign of respect. It can also mean that you wish eternal rest for the person you have died and the color is not overpowering for someone who expresses sympathy to the family that is left behind. White is also a popular symbol for heaven that is also the reason why white tulips are associated with memorials and funerals. A garden that has a lot of white tulips can also mean having a taste of heaven on earth.

It’s also the perfect flower to give in a baby shower. It’s because if you put almost all the meanings together which are purity, newness, heaven, innocence and claiming of worthiness, it can be conveyed as the being thankful for a new, pure and innocent baby that came from heaven.

  • The Shape: This depends on the position of the flower, if the white tulip is laid flat it has a star shape and if it’s upright, it looks like a cup.
  • Petals: As for the petals in tulips, they call the combination of petals and sepals as tepals. Since the tulip has 3 sepals and 3 petals per flower.
  • Numerology: The tulip has a numerical expression of 6. In numerology, this represents those that are blessed with an attractive personality.
  • Color: The color white is often associated with pureness, innocence and heaven which is why the white tulips are associated with such meanings too.

Herbalism and Medicine

White tulips or tulips in general are cultivated because of it’s beauty and not because of it’s usefulness. Perhaps this is the reason why there are no reported medical uses for the white tulips except that it’s a good decoration for a hospital room.

By Florance Saul
Aug 21, 2012