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The secret behind the swallow animal totem! What does the swallow mean spiritually?


Swallow symbol spiritual

So you are here to understand more about the wonderful swallow? Here I will detail why a swallow is a power animal.

You want to uncover the spiritual meaning of a swallow? So look no further we got it all identified, researched and well, yes, it took a while to write, so enjoy! Ok, so you probably need a quick definition of what the swallow means from a spiritual context. So I’m going to give that to you quickly then we will explore some cool things about the swallow spiritual wise. My name is Flo, I am a psychic from England and I am honored that you wish to understand what swallows mean from a spiritual perspective. I have read many folk tales, superstitions, dream interpretations of the swallow and can conclude the main spiritual meaning as follows: the swallow indicates: passion, union, love, a journey, safe travel and a lover returning home to the family. We will uncover all of this below and more about the spiritual details.

Yes, I can admit rather excited about writing this article. I am also grateful that you have visited my site and I am so thankful to have you here. Did you see some swallows gliding in the sky?  Are you considering a tattoo of the swallow? Are you wondering what a swallow signifies spiritually? Did you dream of a swallow? Hey, whatever your spiritual questions I am here with the answers!

Did you know that if you see a swallow three times that it indicates a spiritual connection with you? Ok I will start with my story of swallows. For many years I walked my dog on a field adjacent to my house, the field was very spiritual in nature with beautiful luscious green grass and the distant haze of dark green mountains. In this field I would always see at least four swallows they would dive into the grass and come back up again.  It made me think that perhaps this was a spiritual message from above. After some time I then took many months to understand swallows from a spiritual perspective before I decided to write this article.  

The first thing that is important to understand is basic messages and meanings of the swallow. So, the spiritual meaning is as follows: Fertility, the rays of sunshine, protection especially around the home, a conflict which is soon to be resolved and a peaceful and happy lifestyle. In ancient superstition books the swallow bird is connected to the following: love, lust, protection, peace, happiness, and connection.

As you have probably seen from our own artwork above we have spent much time developing every single article on this site with love care and compassion - a heartfelt welcome to you. This site is devoted to how to grow spiritually and I do hope you take the time to at least get a free tarot card reading why you’re here,  if you could share or like this on Facebook will be much appreciated! Anyway, sorry I have diversified into other things the reason you’re here is to understand swallows! 

Right let’s move on, the swallow spiritually in many different ancient texts, state the swallow is sent to explore the world that was above the sky. Apparently according to African folklore the sparrow found an opening in the sky but couldn’t go into what lay above.  I love the African folklore, yes we are not sure if it really has “meaning” but we can learn so much from it! There is an old African story about a sorcerer and the tale of a medicine man and a swallow. The medicine man brought together a pack of clay. He put this clay on a table and started to create a bird out of the clay. He then placed a bride’s shawl over the bird which was made of clay. Later that day he uncovered the clay to find a real, live swallow sat where the clay used to be. The medicine man asked the swallow if he could find the entrance of the sky - to heaven. 

The sparrow flew into the sky to try to find the entrance, later the swallow returned to the people and said: “I have indeed found in opening the sky, but I was looking through the entrance but due to an availing of strength had to return.”  So this African legend has some meaning to the spiritual association of the swallow. Symbolically the swallow indicates you need to leave the past behind you. 

The swallow as an animal totem that indicates that you need to release yourself from all the past worries and pain that you have suffered. It can also indicate that somebody has been causing you distress or conflict recently. There is a prevailing ancient belief that the swallow bird itself is connected to healing and symbolizes hope and prosperity. The swallow is also a symbol of fertility and maternal instincts. The reason is simple: the swallow is seen associated with images of the child votive. In ancient times, the swallow was connected to great prosperity and luck. Historically, the swallow’s nest was built under peoples window ledges - and it was considered bad luck to move a swallows nest. In German folklore the swallow was known as “Mary’s bird” so what does that mean? It is connected to the female aspects of life. There is a core belief that the swallow was a positive female symbol. If we turn to Chinese folklore the swallow was used for fertility rituals based on its association with early marriage in life. So, this is the history done! So, now I will move onto the actual meaning of the swallow spiritually. 

The swallow symbolism is associated with fertility you can use a swallow in meditation in order to get pregnant. Just picture yourself in the sky soaring like the swallow, and ask for deliverance. The swallow can also imply that if you are undertaking a difficult patch in life whereby you are unsure of the way to turn - the swallow will always have the answers. The swallow is a rather interesting bird, it is part of the passerine birds and lives everywhere apart from freezing cold Antarctica. The swallow has the most amazing appearance, and there are around 83 different species. As they are excellent in flight they use their wings in order to mate. They do defend their nest against any predators. Generally, the swallow is known as the “bird of freedom.” This is due to the fact that the swallow does not mate in captivity. Therefore, swallows do enjoy their freedom. The swallow is impossible to ignore when the swallow seemingly glides over you. There is a question that has just come to my mind. 

What does a swallow tattoo symbolize?  If you are not considering a tattoo then still read this as it is interesting, especially some of the ancient meanings of swallow tattoos!  Perhaps you are considering a tattoo of a swallow or alternatively you know somebody who has had a swallow tattooed? Or you are just curious to find out what the swallow tattoo actually means in life! Historically, the swallow tattoo was found on sailors. It is important to understand that the swallow tattoo to is quite popular. Typically in colour this is normally blue and white. Additionally, people tend to choose two or three swallows appearing together. The swallow tattoo can be connected to resilience. Sailors often had one tattoo of a swallow before commencing the journey of the sea. This was a lucky charm that he would return safely from the journey, the sailor would have the tattoo on his right hand chest, and then a further one on his left chest - upon his return to land. The second swallow could also be tattooed on his arm.  

As we have already concluded in the opening paragraph regarding the African folklore swallows are supposed to carry happiness and contentment up to heaven. As a symbolism the swallow also is associated with the care, compassion and love of people around us. People normally choose to have swallow’s tattooed on themselves because they are showing respect for the fact that swallows have travel up to 19,000 km to emigrate. Of course, having the resilience to travel under extreme conditions denotes a strong and powerful totem symbolism.

There is a legend that the swallow returns to the same nest every year. The swallow tattoo has also been connected to happiness and the beginning of springtime.  Sometimes those that choose to also have additional stars tattooed around the swallow symbolism believe it denotes that happiness and care will be with them. As a swallow chooses a mate for life it is not uncommon for two lovers to have the swallow tattooed on both their bodies. Their tattoos are also connected to love, happiness and connection. 

Famously Robbie Williams has two tattoos of swallows on his stomach and Mr Johnny Depp has a tattoo of a swallow on his right arm. If you choose to have a swallow tattoo it can also represent freedom and a successful journey in life. Since swallows never fly far distances from their homes apart from when they emigrate, the sight of them always denote good tidings to a sailor. It would mean that land is near.  And did you know that swallows are also believed to carry the spirits of sailors who have died at sea, to their home in heaven. Most of the tattoos containing the image of the swallow were created after the form of the barn Swallow in Europe.  It has a blue coloring and a long forked tail.  These birds build their nests out of mud are taken to symbolize freedom, like the wide open sky, and eternal happiness.

Right … back to the symbolic meaning of a swallow! Humans have always connected a certain symbolism to the swallow either as a sign of good or ill luck. It was usually regarded with nobility and has a rich and colorful history behind it. It is used as a symbol of love, faith, hope and honor which are all honorable attributes which are attached to this wonderful creature. To sailors, it was a sign of loyalty or luck and has served as a "lucky" symbol! Yes, it is also connected to the ideas of friendship, honor and family. The swallow is one of the rare creatures who tend to place a significant value on these attributes and to which we also should look to as a guide.

What characterizes do swallows imply in regard to how they get together and form a partnership?  Throughout its life, it will only have one mate, so when you see the swallow, what comes to mind is how you deal with relationships in life! They call upon us to remember the things that we have done with our partners. Are you in a loving relationship? Have you given your partner compliments and done things for their favor?  Not because your partner told you to - but because you wanted to? What is your general attitude towards your partner? Have you been amiss lately or have been inflicting pain and remorse on others? Think about these questions in connection with the swallow. In celtic symbolism the swallow stands for a variation in the gender roles. It is the male who first creates the nest, and then woos a mate to it through its singing. This may be a welcome idea if we can only shed the traditional roles that society has placed upon us.

The swallow also stands for a loyal and faithful kind of love. These birds are known to have always come back to their homes each year, as we mentioned before - and the person with the tattoo of a swallow can also always be expected to return to his family. The swallow is also a good example of enduring faithfulness and love to your spouse.  They are monogamous birds and will only choose one mate in its lifetime.  This will be the only mate with which he will pair with until the bird’s life ends. Ahhh that is so sweet!

What is the history of the swallow symbolism? During the earlier eras of our time, swallows were also associated to certain gods and the souls of those who have died. The Greek and Roman myths, for example, had gods and goddesses who can transform themselves into swallows. On the other hand, the mothers of the deceased revered these birds as they believed that they are the ones who carry the souls of their dead children.  Hence, killing a swallow was considered to be a bad practice. The way that these people valued the swallow presents how they have also created the culture with how they treated family and friends.

Swallow appears as a spirit guide when...

  • You need to be vocal about your feelings especially love.
  • You should analyze things that we did to our loved ones.
  • When losing your faithfulness.
  • We need to accept change.
  • Enriching the love and relationship.


Ok, we have a spiritual animal connected to us, this enables us to hone in on the skills of the spirit guide. Is yours a swallow? How do you know? The swallow normally appears on walks like mine, which I outlined in the opening paragraph. However, swallows also appear when we need help or advice on any of the aspects in your life that I have outlined below. There are certain meditations you can carry out to uncover your animal totem, such as standing in a quite white room and asking spirit to provide you with an animal totem. Alternatively, you can ask the swallow for advice! Call on Swallow as a spirit guide when:

  • You need to express your feelings toward the one you love.
  • Examine what we did to our partners and have more time for her.
  • Restoring the love.
  • Undergoing transformation.
  • Developing love and trust.

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