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Multi Storey Car Park Dream Meaning

What does a Multi Storey Car Park mean in your dream?

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Multi Storey Car Park Dream

Multi Storey Car Park

A multi-story car park, also known as a parking garage is a dream where you are in a building where cars are parked.

The meaning of the dream is reflective on the kinds of cars or if there are any at all, what happens in the lot, and even what you are driving all have key meanings. Multi-story car lots are often signs of wealth in older dream books, but can also be representative of moving forward, running away from something, or feeling trapped. Using the car lot in a dream can symbolize you feel you are losing your own identity in perhaps a career sense. As cars are associated with moving forward this dream can suggest that feel stuck, it could be time to evaluate what is happening in the future. I don’t know if you are aware that I’m actually from Britain. My name is Flo and I’ve been writing this dream dictionary for almost two decades. In Britain we often use the term “multi-story car parks” in America it is called a parking lot. Here I am going to answer your dream meaning of both so scroll down.

Often parking lot’s have CCTV or daily surveillance to prevent people from stealing cars. Multi-storey car parks can be owned by either the government or alternatively private companies, they are commercially quite a viable business and the internal space is generally and devoted to accommodating parked vehicles. Some parking lots or car parks can be multiple uses in that they are integrated into retail malls on-premises or alternatively offices or accommodation. Most multi-story car parks my country anyway, a concrete and there quite high with deck-like structures. This is due to the fact that is quite cheap to build stop older car park structures are usually lower and could perhaps include cladding. I like to understand a little bit more about the symbolism before I go diving into the dream meaning if you are driving around trying to find a car parking space in a dream - this can indicate that you wish to park an important area of your life. These dreams often come at a time where you have endless responsibilities or added expectations in life. As a result, you wish to move away from an escape for a while in order to meditate and think about what you need.

What does it mean to dream about losing your car in a parking lot?

In real life, it’s quite common to lose your car in a parking lot. In fact, just the other day the police were called because I thought my car was stolen. Stupidly, as part of a car park which was opposite the one, I actually parked in and they looked the same. I still feel a bit silly! I can remember the sheer panic of not being able to find my car and running through each level. This experience, if you have had the unfortunate event that you cannot find your car in a parking lot can indicate that you feel you are losing something in life. If your dream focuses the car on a certain color this could provide other more interesting meanings. I will briefly go over this. A blue lost car can indicate you are feeling judgemental, yellow loss car focuses on possible direction needs review. A black lost car can symbolize your inability to stand still right now. The multi-storey car park can also suggest that things are moving in different directions and the fact you feel lost me will slow down and delay matters for a period of time.

What does it mean to dream of an empty parking lot?

An empty parking lot in a dream is associated with will need to relax and recuperate and take some time out for yourself. In essence, spiritually speaking the parking lot can indicate that have hidden creative energies and skills which you cannot use if you are too stressed or overworked. Dream wise this signifies big changes that are coming in the future. The most important thing is that you rest rather than taking on more burdens. Try to think about and hidden business and how this can affect you go forward.

What does it mean to dream about losing your car in a parking garage?

For you to lose your car or for this to be stolen in a parking garage as I have already outlined above can represent a situation when you are feeling lost the more you feel like you are losing the more responsibilities you are likely to take on.

What does a parking garage symbolize spiritually?

The parking garage structure should be analyzed in the dream but spiritually speaking the parking lot is about parking problems somewhere so you can progress in life. It can often occur when you feel weighed down by responsibility and expectations from others. As a result, you just want to park your feeling somewhere so that you can recuperate. The parking garage structure is also important. The higher you drive more desire that you are showing your life.

What is a dream interpretation of a parked car?

If you are parking your car in a dream and this represents your daily responsibilities want to control things that they are safe, just like the fact that you are parking your car in a “safe” spot. Car lot's can be dark and also reinforced with concrete which can indicate hidden feelings. If you are crashing the car in your dream and this expresses the desire to escape from life. To be chased through a parking lot and you are trying to park your car indicates that you need to express your emotions much better. A murder or crime in a car park in ones dream can imply moving to new possibilities.

What is a dream interpretation not been able to find a parking space?

This is quite a confusing dream. I remember on a few occasions I have awoken to a dream where I was in a car park environment unable to park my car, this could be due to the fact that it actually happened to me. We must realize that to see yourself driving around unable to park happens ever such a lot in daily life. Not finding car parking space due to the number of cars we have on the roads at the moment not uncommon. There is always a risk of a parking fine if you are not in the correct zone. If in your dream you are visiting friends or your heading into the city then parking spaces are always hard to come by. Driving around and not being able to find a space can indicate that you are trying to find your own “space” in life.

What is the detailed dream meaning of a parking lot in old dream dictionaries?

When you dream of a multi-storey parking garage, you may find it difficult to discern your dream. Like many dream settings, it is normal that as the dreamer you will wonder whether or not the place of the dream had a significant influence on the dream that you had. First, you have to consider whether or not the place has personal meaning. In your dream of a parking garage had you been there before? Was it the garage for your flat or a movie theater that you frequent? Have you been in the same or a similar parking plaza when you were at work, a hospital, or a business building? If there is a sense of familiarity to it, then it could be part of the larger meaning where you need to include this place as a place of mental association. Whether you are parking your car, driving a different car, or can’t find your car… the location tells you that your psyche is trying to revisit a previous time in your life to make you reflect on it.

For example, if you dream of kissing someone in a multi-story parking lot and as it turns out you had gone on a date and met in a garage before a previous date then the dream you are having is obviously about relationships. Being alone in the lot then would indicate feeling loneliness or missing someone. Being chased in the same lot could indicate feeling like you are going nowhere in the current relationship you are in… especially if you can’t find the way out of the garage. Because of this, it is important to relate the place to whether or not you have been there.

If you do not recognize the parking garage in your dream and you find it unfamiliar but you are okay and not frightened then you will want to focus on the car in your dream. If you are driving your own car and it is simply parking and then going somewhere, it is likely that the dream is simply a prophetic one with no meaning. If you are driving a large car, an expensive car, or someone else’s car then watch for areas in your life where you are feeling like you are lacking. These kinds of dreams indicate a positive change coming forth in your life where you will be able to grow and gain some financial freedom that has been needed.

Being fearful in a parking garage is a common horror movie plot. Someone is chased or shot at and hides between the cars. These dreams can represent fear in your own life. Fear is a common dream and can be very general. Pay attention to who you were fearful of or what you were running from to gain more insight. If the person is specific then you can attribute it to a certain someone or issue in your life and your psyche is working out your own fear. One of the more positive dreams is when you are helping someone. If you find yourself having a dream where you help someone find their car or start their car it is a good sign that a favor will be repaid in your waking life. This can indicate that you are to receive help or money back from someone that you have previously helped.

In this dream you may have:

  • Parked a car.
  • Broke into a car.
  • Had your car broken into.
  • Lost your car.
  • Been chased or chased someone through a parking garage.
  • Needed help.
  • Were scared or worried.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • You were driving or parking a car that was yours and it was a fancier car than you normally drive – indicating wealth and financial freedom.
  • Offered help to someone.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

  • Helping someone.
  • Being afraid.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a multi-storey car lot:

Worried. Happy. Concerned. Nervous. Scared. Bored. Idle. Waiting. Impatient. Helpful.

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