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Fall dream meanings


Dreaming of falling can be classified as a nightmare. This is considered a common dream.

Have you dreamed of falling in a dream? Did you fall down? Did you fall off a tower or through the sky? Read on for the meaning. Falling, in summary, is connected to our "control" over a situation in life. To dream of falling suggests you have lost control over your life. Dreaming of falling in an elevator denotes work troubles. The actual feeling in the pit of one's stomach at the sensation of falling indicates that control has been passed to another. This could be in a work context or even a relationship. 

There is a focus on feeling too worried about "performing" well in a job or relationship. There seems to be many situations around the dreamer that has caused this dream. Maybe too much to do in waking life and not enough time to relax. We are taught as young children to look after our bodies from a young age. If we cut our knee we get a plaster, every injury heals after time. Sometimes, our injuries become infected. As an adult, we sometimes feel rejected. Falling in dreams 

Falling in a dream can leave an unforgettable experience, at times if the dream is vivid it can feel although the fall is occurring in real life! Don't panic. While the dream of falling can awake you with a cold sweat and eventually lead to anxiety, this is a common dream.

When you wake up from a dream of falling you do feel a sensation? You may suddenly feel a sudden urge to raise quickly. Sometimes you can either find yourself soaked in cold sweat after such a dream. To see yourself falling from a height and landing on the floor means that times will change shortly. To dream of falling over in a dream suggests your sub-consciousness mind playing tricks on you. As we have already established "falling" can be rather common in a dream state.

How can we link this falling sensation to real life? Why have a dream of falling?

Many questions like these begin to play in ones mind. You cannot overlook those dreams as they certainly have an impact on real life. In fact, they are a complete representation of your life.

In your dream you may have…

  • Dreamed about falling from the sky.
  • Unbalancing makes you fall.
  • Someone pushed you and you fell.
  • Falling and plummeting death.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You fell from a rooftop.
  • Falling from a cliff or mountain.
  • Seeing someone else in falling into a dig.

Interpretations of experiences of Fall in a dream...

  • Darkness and gloominess.
  • Loss and troubles in life.
  • Difficulties and misfortune while starting a new task.
  • Dissatisfaction in dealing with things.
  • Lose control.
  • Unbalanced life.
  • Broken relation.
  • Rebirth of your abilities.
  • Ignorance shown by others.
  • Anxiety and anger in yourself.
  • Stubbornness when doing things in wrong way.
  • Failure due to bad luck.
  • Afraid of losing someone or something.
  • Insecure with your relations.

Detailed dream interpretation of fall...

Falling is connected to loosing control in life and over a situation.

Seeing a fall in a dream does not always mean negative associations in life. Some "falling" situations are a sign of blessings. To fall from the sky indicates that you will have a fresh start and find new ways that are not seen in life. Likewise, a fall in dream can be a source of courage and self-belief, which helps you rise again from a depressed state of mind. This means your moving towards a bright shining light.

Falling from a cliff, falling from a roof, or even falling from an unknown height; can all lead to in anxiety and depression of mind. But the nightmare is only restricted to your dreams. Interpreting these situations in a dream holds different meanings. If you fall or jolt before you actually sleep can be frightening, this is fairly common and indicates that you are loosing blood sugar, there has been many studies on this falling sensation before sleep occurs. To fall from a tower or building in one's dream is a negative omen, in ancient dream dictionaries it can denote difficult times ahead, rather much like the tower card in the tarot cards

Falling in the dream state may due by misbalancing a problem in life, falling is not only the representation of unbalancing, rather, it is much more than that. It interprets that you have lost control of yourself. It means that you are losing hope and faith and the reasons that you are not in control is that you might be afraid of losing a job, person, relation or precious thing.

If you dream that you have slipped from a high place, this can eventually lead to your death, which represents that you are going to experience a problem. Maybe you are emotional at the moment? It can also suggest a setback in life and you need to reconsider the possibilities and options, so that, you can respond in the correct way. To fall from a plane is a positive dream and indicates a new start in life.

If you dream of falling with other people that are acquainted with you foretells that they are having same troubles and insecurities like you do.

Feelings that you could experience during a dreaming about falling...

Anxiety, serenity, loss, insecure, failure, scared, tension, surprise, and calamity.

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