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Dreaming About Sex

Dreaming About Sex.

Sex dreams are generally less about sex; and more about a conflict.


To dream about sex is usually a sign that different parts of your body are in conflict with each other, and the content you see in your sex dreams represent how those conflicting parts of yourself come together.



Although it will vastly differ from person to person, it is suggested that someone is likely to have 100,000 dreams in their lifetime. Sexual dreams consist of 8% of these.


In these dreams, you may have been…

  • Having sex with a celebrity.
  • Having homosexual relations.
  • Having sex with a relative.
  • Having sex with a parent.
  • Having sex with brother.
  • Having sex with sister.
  • Naked.
  • Watching others have sex.
  • Having sex with someone you despise.
  • Cheating on your partner.
  • Your partner cheating on you.


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Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You communicate with the people in your dreams without feeling conscious of them.
  • You learn what the conflicts are between you and the people in your dream.
  • You understand what boundaries you have with the people in your dreams.
  • You separate sexual fantasy, idealism, and/or relationships with the people you dream of.
  • You are honest with yourself.
  • You are honest with others.


Detailed dream meaning...


To dream about sex can sometimes be unsettling, as they can involve anything from an ex who you’ve had a bad experience with; someone you have very negative feelings for; or even a sibling or parent.


To wake up from a sexual dream involving a relative is usually extremely hard to just forget about. But it is very important to remember that this does not mean you actually desire them in a romantic or sexual way. To dream about yourself and your parent will usually mean you are subconsciously becoming like them. You might feel as though you are emerging into adulthood; or that you, yourself, are soon to become a parent. If you dream about yourself having sex with a parent, perhaps you are in conflict with yourself and feel concerned about what new responsibilities you have to take on. On the other hand, if you dream about a parent or other relative, such as a sibling, it could mean you are longing to be closer to them; or perhaps mend your broken relationship.


If, on the other hand, you envision yourself having sex with a celebrity; someone you admire; or even someone you may find attractive in real life, this still does not mean your dream represents the sexual feelings you have towards them. Dreaming of a celebrity will usually mean you are longing for fame, fortune, and success. Dreaming of someone you admire or find attractive in real life, will usually suggest that there are parts of your introverted self which are in conflict with each other.



To be dissatisfied with yourself is very common, but these dreams will show you hidden feelings which you may not have actually realized. Are you are unhappy with in your real life? This can be both good and bad. Being unaware means you are not affected by it so much, but it also means you are still carrying around a negative state of mind with you.


To stop carrying this “bad” feeling with you, you need to understand what it is you need to move on from, and how, rather than still keeping it with you but pretending you’re not by trying to push it out of your mind.

If you are watching others have sex in your dreams, you might be too involved in their relationship.


This can be for many reasons, such as longing for your own; or having problems with the one you are in. If you dislike the people you see; or if you, yourself are having sex with someone you dislike in your dream, then this could mean they are very much in your face with their opinions and judgments.

If you are dreaming about having sex with them or watching them have sex, could be nothing to do with desire, but rather internal frustration, envy, or the need to retract from them.


Lastly, your dreams generally consist of things you have experienced throughout the day. While sleeping, your mind likes to merge the things you’ve seen that day, for example: if you go to a coffee shop in the day, then before bed you see a picture of an old school friend on social media, it would not be unusual to merge the two and dream about that friend swimming in a pool made out of coffee.


That being said, if you have been fairly sexual in your waking hours, then it is more likely you will dream sexually with people your mind has taken note of throughout the day.


To dream of having sex with your sister is connected to our inner hopes and fears. Maybe you have been thinking deeply recently.


Dreaming of having sex with your brother can be associated with being lost in a work situation. Do you feel you need to study more in life?


Feelings associated with sex in your dream...


Sexy, ambition, successful, wealthy, dangerous, prosperous and lucky.

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