Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Worm lives underground, we generally see worms while gardening or we sometimes see worms in a negative context such as bodily function, worms that cause disease, so what does the worm mean if seen in your tea leaf cup?

The worm living underground is connected to the earth. It suggests that there is issues around your home life. A home of your own is very important for your happiness. You have many interests in life but making sure that you are happy and content within your home is of vital importance. The position of the worm in your tea leaf reading is also important.

Detailed meaning of the worm tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: when appearing at the top of that cup can indicate self-expression. You can easily express yourself by looking at your home comforts in life. Maybe a spot of decorating is required.

Middle of cup: a worm in the middle of the cup indicates that you are creatively talented. As a worm is connected to our home life, it means that you need to redecorate and make your surroundings much better in terms of creativity.

Bottom of teacup: a worm appear in the bottom of the teacup position indicates that you have potential to move properties / residence. The bottom of the teacup position indicates that in the distant future a home move may be on the cards. You enjoy travel. Therefore your new residence may be abroad.

A worm in many parts of the teacup: to see many worms or those that are scattered indicates commercial undertakings. This could be the business which is connected to your home life. Perhaps you will move for a new job or take on greater responsibility at work.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013