Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Wood is an element of nature.

The wood can be expressed in the league cup as trees or alternatively trunk wood from the tree.

It is somewhat difficult to see and can be presented as a cluster of trees together. What does a wood mean? This is symbolic of mother earth. A wood indicates the parchment of a new life beginning. Indicate also degree of secrecy in life, the wood calls for one to be discreet in matters close to the heart. The word can reveal true feelings to others. This is a characteristic that may cause you difficulties in personal relationships. The wood indicates the potential to sink deeper. Try to connect with mother nature is the main meaning of seeing a wood in your tea leaf.

Let's now look at the position of the wood in relation to where it is positioned in the teacup, it could be that there is a cluster of trees throughout many different regions. This could be a wood stretching from the top of the cup right down to the bottom. However, we were just briefly provide an overview of what a what it means in different positions.

Detailed meaning of the wood tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a wood at the top of the teacup position indicates that you will reach great heights in life. This is especially true in fields such as music, writing, education, psychology, law, and finally engineering. The wood in this position means that you are going to undertake some new challenges and also educate yourself in a different career.

Middle of cup: a wood in the middle of the cup can again, represent mother nature. In this position, it means that you have determination and ability to bounce back from any difficulties that will come your way.

Bottom of teacup: an award will be yours if seen in the bottom of the teacup position, this indicates you have decided that you're going to get some more intellectual knowledge. You have many interests, and this may lead you to different pursuits at work.

In conclusion, this is a positive omen to see in a tea reading. Depending on the size of the wood, we need to understand that the bigger the wood, the more success in life.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013