Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Wings can appear in a tea leaf reading on a creature such as a bird or an angel.

Any symbol that actually carries wings is a positive psychic message. It indicates that times have been difficult for you in the past, and life is about to change and move on for the better. Wings in this sense are positive in nature.

To see wings on a bird within the teacup suggests that you are going to be free from any conflicts and constraints going forward. To see wings on a person indicate that you will be protected by somebody. Whichever symbol you have in your teacup the wings meaning still stays the same. Let's for now, look at the actual position of the wings in the teacup.

Wings in the top position: to see wings at the top your teacup means that you need to have protection now. Perhaps you have undertaken a large project and you need to have protection around yourself. Someone must assist you in order to have a successful outcome. In other ways may be you have experienced difficulty in life and that the wings are there to guide you on the right path.

Detailed meaning of the wings tea leaf symbol

Middle of teacup: wings in the middle of the teacup indicate possible difficulties in the near future. However, the wings are positive in nature and also indicate that you are being protected from the spirits above.

Bottom of the cup: to see wings in the bottom of the teacup is an extremely positive omen. It indicates that you are being protected in life and guided by spirit. This is a very positive omen to get.

In conclusion, a wing symbol is positive in nature it indicates protection from the spirits above. We all have difficulties in life including our ups and downs in the wings appearing in the tea leaf reading suggests that no matter what the difficulty is you can overcome anything.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013