Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

When a Windmill is seen in a tea leaf reading it is a positive omen.

It indicates that you were born with the gift of the gab! It indicates you have many interests but you need to guard against your scattered energies. A windmill is used to generate power which is then used to grind grain into flour. As a symbol, a windmill denotes transformation. If you happen to see a windmill in your teacup it means you are ready to transform something your life. You are about to change a situation into something meaningful and worthwhile in your life.

Perhaps you are taking too much on in life and are getting rather confused at the outcome. The windmill in this sense means that you will encounter some difficulties, but these will be short lived.

It is important to recognize that no matter what happens in life you can overcome any problem. The windmill is quite a symbolic; it suggests that everything dies in life but it all comes back to be reborn in the Windmill this suggests new starts and new beginnings. Rather much like the wheel of fortune in the tarot reading. Many people hang on your every word and are ready to applaud you for your talents. Make sure your energies do not get too scattered and drawn in by other people.

Let's now look at the position of the windmill in your tea leaf reading and the applicable meaning.

Detailed meaning of the windmill tea leaf symbol

The windmill in the top of the teacup: this indicates that you will be practical and also down-to-earth. You are willing to work endlessly on a project in order to get the job done and things complete.

Middle of teacup: to see the windmill in the middle of the teacup position indicates you are the one who people depend on. You are loyal, honest, dependable and fair dealing. This appears in this position because with the “wheel of time” and things will move in your direction and positive situations will take place.

Bottom of teacup: the bottom of the teacup position indicates that the windmill appears to be spinning throughout your future. Spinning with good omens may I suggest! You dream of a life of adventure, pleasure, travel and happiness. You will get this life. In essence, as the wheel moves, you are as free as a bird, free to go where you want and where you will.

The Large symbol in a teacup: a windmill seen as a large symbol in the cup compared to other symbols. A large windmill denotes that, you are in the middle of changing a situation in your life which people thought is impossible to change. You have utilized it and made it a blessing to your life. It is improving your life and you are feeling the change that is helping your life. You are on top of things because of your decision to change matters in life. Share your experience with others in your circle and let them follow your example of working out things and get the best out of situations.

The side of cup: a windmill in the side position of the teacup denotes that, you will be faced with a situation which will require you to be wise and turn it around for your own benefit. Once it surfaces, take it upon yourself to create the change that will be helpful for you. If it overwhelms you, then ask for the help of others, so that you handle it in a way that will leave you being the beneficiary.

Once the outcomes are set, use life to your own advantage. Help support your friend and relatives because that is the only way you will be able to accumulate blessings. Your life will become a blessing whereby you will become a prosperous person - as you continue transforming situations in your life and those around you.

Windmill with stars around the bottom: a windmill with stars around the symbol in the teacup is an indicator that, you are not in any position to transform situations in your life in order to make your life better. You need to emulate your friends who are transforming bad situations into something better to make a difference in their lives. If you continue the way you are, you will become a miserable person, with so many issues in your life which might just end up overwhelming you. Learn to tackle each situation in your life as it comes and you will be in a position to transform your life. Many are those who have handled tougher situations than what you are going through.

Scattered in the Cup: scattered windmills in your teacup is a good sign as it means that you are one person who can handle any situation in your life.

Transforming tough situations into something manageable. That has made your life bliss as you don’t have any issues to worry about. Continue this way and try and help your friends who might be stuck with situations in their lives, unable to sort them out.

When you have the capability of handling any situation in life, it becomes manageable to transform any type of situation that comes your way.

In conclusion, the windmill is very similar to the wheel of fortune indicates that happiness will be yours, but take some time.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013