Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Wand is very much focused on magic.

To see a wand in a tea leaf reading is difficult to distinguish, it could either be a wand or alternatively, it could be seen as a stick.

In ancient tea leaf dictionaries a stick and a wand generally have similar meanings. Let’s now consider what a wand and stick means if seen in a tea leaf cup. Wands connect with psychic abilities. This can also remain true for a stick seen in the tea leaf reading.

As we have already covered above, seeing a wand, stick, or line usually holds the same meaning. A line is normally associated with a new beginning. In ancient tea leaf readings the line is focused on a new start due to the fact, that in essence it is like drawing a line under everything - starting again in life.

We can also associate the line with possible misfortune in life. Many people see a line when they have come to the end of the situation and they are seeking a resolution or a way to possibly move on in life.

The line in this sense is positive because it does mean that a new start is on the horizon. If you see a wand however it is hard to distinguish. You might have seen a wizard or a witch holding a wand then. You know that the symbol represents a wand.

As this is made from wood this indicates, a new start in life. A wand, has we have already mentioned is connected to the psychic realm and is associated with a new beginning and a wide range of possibilities in life.

It is important to understand that in life we do have our ups and downs and suggests other people have been involved in your affairs for far too long. It is although suddenly the wand will begin to work and the magic wand will place “magic” over all situations in order for situations to take for positively. It indicates a happy resolution.

It can also suggest that you will take on a new view in life. Perhaps you are going to have a small spiritual awakening, in this sense the wand is associated with making a fresh start in life. The actual position of the wand in your tea leaf reading is vitally important.

Let's let's for now look at the direct meaning of the wand in the different positions in the tea cup.

Detailed meaning of the wand tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: the top of the teacup position suggests that a psychic encounter will happen. This is positive in nature but it is also important for you to recognize that this psychic encounter may cause problems in the future. The problems that are associated with this encounter will be connected to difficult people and relationships. The spirit encounter may provide advice on how to deal with a difficult person.

Middle of teacup: The middle of the teacup position suggests that other people may get in the way of success. If the wand is on the middle/bottom of the cup it means you need to take back something in order for you to feel you can move on in life.

From this meaning, it is important for you to realise that the wand is connected to a new start and fortune. The wand can also mean (in the middle of the teacup position) a possible break of a relationship. This breakup needs to happen in order for you to move on in life.

Bottom of the cup: to see a wand in the bottom of the teacup position suggests not only a new start but a spiritual awakening. Someone close to you will need help going forward, you can offer this help as long as you understand the consequences are surrounding the problems. The wand in this position can also suggest that you are being protected spiritually. This is positive.

In conclusion, the wand is associated with spiritual awakening, protection and understanding yourself better. It is difficult to distinguish between a wand, line, and stick. The meanings are generally common for these three elements and in a tea leaf reading they should be read in the literal sense. Don't be alarmed if any of the readings see a broken wand, it means that in time everything will bring itself back together.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013