Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Volcano symbol in the tea leaf reading is associated with a situation that is shortly going to abrupt.

A volcano is a hill or a mountain with a vent or crater through which rock, lava fragments, gas or hot vapor have been or are being erupted from the earth’s crust.

As a symbol, a volcano represents outbursts of anger or mounting tension. So if a volcano appears in your tea cup, know that you should be able to handle a situation in your life where tensions will be high.

If we think of a volcano in its spiritual sense it is associated with explosions and conflicts.

The volcano mirrors the tarot card of the moon. It is essential to realize that the volcano can be disruptive in nature. So what does it mean when we see a volcano in your tea leaf reading?

Detailed meaning of the volcano tea leaf symbol

The volcano in the top position: if the volcano appears in the top position of the tea leaf reading this indicates that the situation in your current present atmosphere will suddenly explode. This could be a relationship breakdown or possibly conflict-of-interest when it comes to your career. The good news is, don't worry things happen for a reason and in all honesty this will enable you to project yourself in a better light going forward.

Share with your trusted family or a partner your concerns. Think about what you think is causing the anger and let them help where possible. If you find that the anger is too much, give yourself space by going on a holiday or just take a break from whatever you are doing. By the time you come back, you will be fit to start afresh.

Seeing a volcano at the top of the teacup denotes that things will be difficult. You are erupting with anger over an issue. What you should try to do is, relax and get yourself composed because the anger won’t lead you anywhere; it will just cause destruction in your life.

Middle of teacup: the volcano appearing in the middle position indicates that it is time to move with the times. You have been stuck in a rut for far too long and it is time to project yourself and become happier in what you do. This may mean retraining in a career or moving forward in life!

A volcano in the middle of the teacup denotes that, you are having some issues in your life and if you don’t get a grip of them and sort them out it can lead to problems - they may blow out of proportion and cause you a lot of damage in your life.

If it is a job which is annoying before it becomes too much for you, you can decide to change and do something different or ask for leave from work to sort out the issues which are mounting pressure in your life.

If it is a business which is not performing as you would want it to, change the businesses or involve other business people and seek answers to what is not working at the moment. If it is a relationship which is bringing you pressure, take some time off and go for a holiday with your partner; when you are just the two of you without other people’s interference, you will get solutions to whatever is troubling your relationship and thus avoid anger creeping in and damaging it.

Bottom of teacup: the volcano situated at the bottom of the teacup position indicates that the volcano of emotions in a situation will soon erupt however there were lots of situations that will also ensure that you will suffer for a long period of time.

A volcano at the bottom of the teacup denotes that, your emotions are under control and you don’t allow them to interfere with your day to day activities. With that in mind, will have to perform your duties perfectly well in life.

The good news is that everything seems to be working in your favor. Share your secret of success with others who might be experiencing emotional issues.

Scattered in the cup: seeing many & volcano's in your teacup denote that, you have emotional turmoil in your life which are causing more harm than good. You have ended up losing a lot of friends due to various attributes in life. Nobody wants to stay close to someone who is emotionally unstable. Your businesses are suffering because of this because there is no client who will want to transact with someone who has no control of their emotions. Your job is suffering too, because, no boss can withstand an employee with unstable emotions. It is high time you sort help from professionals or friends because if you continue like this, you are headed for a bleak future.

Conclusion: when you have emotional outbursts, it is very hard to have friends. Your progress in life will be minimal.

In conclusion, the volcano is a destructive symbol in the tea leaf reading it is important for you to understand what you can do in order to try and solve any problems go forward.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013