Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Violin in a reading is a positive omen it signifies musical instruments and is associated with new beginnings and fortune.

A violin is a musical instrument which is played using a bow.

It is such a beautiful instrument that most people love either to play or listen to it being played. As a symbol, a violin denotes that you will have peace and harmony in your family life with all your plans going as expected. So if you happen to see a violin in your teacup, it means that you should expect your home front to be perfect. To see violin that is large in terms of its symbol against other symbols is a positive omen.

In ancient tea leaf readings the violin was considered a symbol of fertility. This is because it was considered a female omen. The violin in more prevalent in modern tea leaf reading dictionaries where it denotes happiness will soon enter one’s life.

Additionally, it is important for us to understand the position of the violin within the tea leaf reading. In order to gain more clarity on what this means.

Detailed meaning of the violin tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: the violin appearing in the top position of the teacup denotes that good fortune will enter the tea drinker's life shortly. This specifically will surround family relationships.

Seeing a violin on top of the teacup denotes that, you are enjoying a peaceful atmosphere at the home front. Utilize this chance to make sure that you invest more for your family so that they don’t lack anything either now or in the future. You can go ahead and invest in businesses

If you are successful in business remember that friends can also be used to run some of your many businesses and the bond between your family and friends will become stronger. When this happens, it will increase the joy and happiness in your circle with a stable ground which cannot easily be broken.

Middle of teacup: for the symbol to appear in the middle position indicates that harmony and prosperity will not only present itself currently but in the future! But also in the distant future (5 years from now.)

If there are any other musical instruments surrounding the violin, this indicates that many people around you will have great fortune.

A violin in the middle of the teacup denotes that soon you will be enjoying a peaceful atmosphere in the home front. What you need to do at the moment is, make sure that you are working hard to provide for your family.

A very old tea leaf dictionary states:

Once their basic needs are catered for, you will surely enjoy the peace that comes with a fulfilled "happy" family. Work hard and meditate to gain new ideas which you can & then turn into new business ventures to increase your empire and make it strong. Your friends should also be able to gain new ideas.

This will help you expand their empires too; this will in the future create bonds between your family and that of your friends which will be strong and hard to break.

A violin at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that, your family life is in turmoil because of your neglect. You concentrate on bonding with friends and workmates while you ignore your family, which is not provided for with their basic needs. The main reason why you are working is because you cannot find the motivation.

You may have misplaced priorities whereby you value your friends more than your family. This is a recipe for disaster.

In the near future, your friends will leave you and you will have no family to turn to so be sure to value others!

So moving on back to our interpretation...

Scattered in the cup: scattered violins in your teacup denote that, you are enjoying the peace and harmony that comes with a happy family home front. Keep it up and make sure that you continue providing their needs.

Bottom position: the violin appearing in the bottom position suggest the attitude of a brighter tomorrow. As we have already outlined this is a positive symbolism but if found in the bottom of the teacup denotes possible relationship harmonies.

Conclusion: a happy home front is a recipe for progress because you have the peace of mind to go out there and invest while knowing that, your family is stable and waiting for you. It gives one’s life harmony. In conclusion, the violin in a tea leaf reading is an extremely positive omen. As we have already provided the basic overview that this is a positive symbol - it is important to understand that other people will also benefit from your good fortune. The violin also is associated with new beginnings and a focus on hard work that pays off.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013