Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Verger is a caretaker that looks after the church. They can also be responsible for the church and organisation of services.

Often a verger seen in the tea leaf reading is connected to the symbolism of the church. Therefore, if one sees a church alongside figure or person then the verger interpretation below is applicable.

Verger as we have already defined as a person that looks after the church. So what does this mean in your tea leaf reading? Verger is a religious symbolism. To see virgin tea leaf reading generally involves forgiveness. It can signify that one must forgive somebody for an act, even though they may not still have any relationship with that particular person any longer. It can suggest perhaps forgiving a parent for a negative childhood, alternatively forgiving a friend for a hurtful comment.

The verger is very much associated with burdens of life, and how we can overcome these burdens. Let's for now, consider the individual positions of the symbol of a verger in your tea leaf reading.

Seeing a verger at the top of the teacup: the verger in the top position of the teacup indicates that you are now wise. You are often an example for those who you depend on, and also those that depend on you. The verger this in this sense indicates the recognition that forgiveness will prevail not only goodness in your life but also tranquillity.

Detailed meaning of the Verger tea leaf symbol

Middle of teacup: the verger in the middle of the teacup position in the tea leaf reading suggests that you sometimes express weakness. The reason that you express this type of weakness is because you really need to forgive yourself for your own mistakes. In life we all make mistakes at some point, it's important not to dwell on them and to move on in life with optimism.

Bottom of teacup: the verger at the bottom of the teacup position suggests that you have strong moral positions in life. Perhaps you are a leader, or you are a person uniting your own family. The good news is that the verger in this position indicates that if there is anything that goes wrong in life you will be able to learn from this experience, forgiveness is important and if anybody upsets you overall over the next few months it is important to just forgive and forget and move on.

To see a verger and a partial outline of a church: seeing the symbolism such as a church which isn't fully drawn suggests that you are the force of the community you are the moral leader who everybody turns to in a crisis.

Conclusion: to conclude the verger symbol is all about education, the education of forgiveness. If we look at the young protecting the old, we look at the values and cultures of life itself. There are values associated with forgiveness and to see a verger in a tea leaf reading indicates that the drinker is in a position of responsibility.

Sometimes we fall out with people in life, and that is just how life pans out. It is important not to fully focus on the negatives and also not to perceive one has being a victim. Are you the victim? If you are the victim of any false doing then sometimes it is important to move on try and focus on the positive aspects of your life. Many people that have under taken the difficult path in life, challenging childhood may at times leave you wondering how you have overcome such misfortune.

To see the verger in the tea leaf reading indicates that times are changing and that you can move on in life.

By Flo Saul
Apr 8, 2013