Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A line curved upwards denotes a Vault and is the symbol of a high position and much respon­sibility.

You may hold an important office or raise yourself to eminence by your natural powers. It denotes present distinction and preferment.

A vault is generally a box which is locked. It is a vault of great material possessions. The vault can be shown in the tea leaf reading as a square box with a round knob in the middle with different strands of tea leaves coming from the handle.

It will look as if you can turn the knob.

This is a difference between a vault and a box seen in the tea leaf reading. So what does the vault mean?

The vault is associated with our moral and social responsibilities in life. There is a life path that we all must follow and the vault is an indication that you will reap great rewards from life. There is an emphasis on qualities and also learning different types of cultures and setting the example in a group of people. The vault also indicates social irresponsibility if it is surrounded by round circles. The vault can also signify the home of family and the teaching counseling required to help people within the family environment. There is a focus on the role of the parent and the father when the vault appears.

The key message seeing a vault in the tea leaf reading is that your job is to become a happy homemaker and a person that will make a substantial contribution to society. The actual position of the vault in the tea leaf reading is important.

Detailed meaning of the vault tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: to see the vault at the top of the teacup indicates you have the opportunity to touch the heart of your family and also the community at large. The vault includes many lovely material prizes, in a symbolic sense, this means that the prizes are happiness and tranquillity. You will find that through the endeavors of community work or alternatively counseling you will be able to reap the rewards of happiness.

Middle of teacup: the vault in the middle of the teacup position serves as a reminder of the most important factors in life. It is associated with compassion and empathy. It is important if anybody reaches out to you that you give your consent and offer good advice.

Bottom teacup: the vault in the bottom of the teacup position suggests that you have the potential to give the world revelations. You believe that the laws govern themselves and unfortunately, sometimes you operate without thinking of others. The vault in this sense indicates that you need to be a master builder. Perhaps you should think about how you can keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. You have an opportunity to change the consciousness of the community or family members and this will provide you with much enlightenment.

We have previously covered vault in terms of a box; this meaning is for a vault on a roof.

This means you may see in the teacup roof which is arch shaped; most formal or other large structure buildings including churches, are built like that. As a symbol, a vault represents feelings which are enclosed; being an introvert. If you happen to see a roof vault in your teacup, it means that you are a person whose feeling has been enclosed and this can be dangerous especially if they are feelings of hate or resentment.

The side of teacup: a roof vault at the side of the teacup indicates that you need to open up and let those around you know what you are going through because that is the only way they can know how to handle you. Things can be tough, but if you open up, you might just be able to find a shoulder to lean on and get a solution to whatever it is that is concerning you. A problem shared is a problem half solved. Get yourself at least one trusted friend with whom you can share your inner feelings and gain solutions to some of the life’s hard pressing issues.

Large in the cup: a vault that is large in the teacup (against other symbols) is an indication that, you are heading the direction of having enclosed feelings due to what is happening around you. Before that happens, let people whom you trust who are around you know what it is that you are going through and they might just have a solution for you.

Let it come out as clear as possible, and you might be shocked at how simple it becomes. Nothing is solved without sharing. Friends who are reliable will always be there in good times and bad times.

Small in the teacup: a vault that is small in the teacup denotes that, you are an independent person who shares everything with everyone! Nothing disturbs you because you make sure that, when you have a pressing issue, you share it with your friends and relatives who immediately help you in gaining a lasting solution. This approach has worked for you, and it is high time that you shared your success going forward. Your friends especially the extrovert ones will be important in your life

When you suffer in silence, it is not healthy at all; you might develop other health complications which might prove to be expensive to take care of. Let your family know the importance of having that free will and sharing information with those around them.

Scattered in the cup: scattered rooftops in the teacup denotes that, you have so many secrets which are hindering you from making any progress in your life. Things happen and make us secretive; but if the secrets, then deter us from progressing in life. There is no need to keep the secrets.

Conclusion: secrets are good, but if they make you unable to achieve your goals in life, then they are not worth keeping.

Share information amongst your friends and you will see how you to achieve great things in your life.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013