Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Tripod is associated with scientific discovery.

A Tripod is a stand used to support apparatus. As a symbol, a tripod stands for firmness. If you happen to see it in your teacup, it means that you are feeling that your life is stable and you have nothing to worry about. Your businesses are doing fine, you are on good terms with your boss and colleagues at work; your relationship is doing great.

In science, the tripod is generally associated with connecting and carrying out some type of investigation. In this sense, a tripod normally indicates that one must be careful about thinking through events.

Depending upon the actual position of the symbolism in the cup it can suggest that you need to conduct some kind of experiment.

This could be an experiment between two people or you must test a relationship.

The tripod is connected to a relationship - maybe a discovery. In ancient tea leaf readings, the tripod is associated with "experimental endeavors." For now, let's consider the actual position of the tripod in your teacup.

Detailed meaning of the tripod tea leaf symbol

The tripod in the top position: a tripod at the top of your teacup denotes that, your life is stable. You have placed strong foundations on work. At your workplace, you are a hardworking person to the extent that, you may gain promotion. It can mean a business has expanded or you have progressed in a career. It can also mean your relationship is stable with your family contented. You are indeed stable in your life, just aiming higher.

You need to experiment with what works best in a given situation, perhaps you need to talk to people in order to find out what their perspectives are on a given problem within your life.

Middle of teacup: the tripod in the middle of the teacup position indicates that you will find difficulties in a relationship with either a close family member or a lover. The tripod in this sense suggests that it's time for you to consider a close relationship, this could be understanding the person better or test their honesty and devotion towards you.

A tripod in the middle of the teacup is an indication that, your life is heading the right direction because there is a tale tell sign that, you are about to make it in life. Your business is showing signs of improvement; your relationship has the signs of stability, your colleagues and boss find it impossible to do without you.

With that said, you shouldn’t relax, continue working harder and all these things will be under your control and you will be able to have a stable life - which is fulfilling in all ways. If you want to achieve quick success in life, make sure to consult others.

The tripod in the bottom position: a tripod symbol found in the bottom position of the teacup suggests that a new start is indicated, it can mean that a number of different people have shown their concerns about a relationship. This person is close to you, and it is important to establish if this relationship is something that you want to continue, in the distant future. A tripod appearing at the bottom of the teacup denotes that, you need a shoulder to lean on because of the way your life is heading. You are unstable and this is making you stressed. You have to look around and find a friend whom you can entrust your issues with, discuss them together and look for a way forward to enable you to find a bearing in your life. Make sure it is someone’s trustworthiness, one who will help you diligently without giving up along the way, because, yours is a tough situation which needs years or months of perseverance and hard work. Once you understand how to overcome problems, make sure you persevere and you will be successful.

Upside down in the cup: upside down tripods in the teacup are an indication that you have several things in your life which you rely on to be stable. This has helped you rise in popularity and fame. Your prosperity is as a result of the many people that gave you assistance Friends and relatives assisted a great deal in helping you in life.

Conclusion: when you are stable in life, you tend to be comfortable and have that feeling of security.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013