Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Torch is a portable illumination.

As a symbol, a torch denotes self-confidence, pleasant amusement, favorable business, and a positive omen for business. So if you happen to spot a torch in your teacup, it means that your business is growing in the right direction due to the self-confidence you exhibit.

Making clients to have faith in you and your undertakings. This is going to give you joy and amusement due to the satisfaction you derive from the going on.

Detailed meaning of the torch tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a torch at the top of the teacup indicates that your business or career has reached its peak and you are reaping the fruits of your hard work. Using your self-confidence, continue expanding into new territories because it seems you hold a positive outlook regarding business. Help others to also expand their businesses or careers and help them reach the top just like you. This will earn you more friends who might turn out to be loyal clients in the long run.

Middle of cup: a torch in the middle of the teacup denotes that, your business is about to expand and reach the highest level that you have always desired for. All you need to do is continue working hard and make sure that you invest your time, money and commitment into it.

Where you see weakness, ask guidance from friends who have already made it in terms of business. This will help you to rise faster than you even imagined and enabled you to achieve your dream goals.

Once you make it, don’t forget the friends and relatives who helped you. Once you appreciate others, they will help you to expand further.

Bottom of teacup: a torch at the bottom of the teacup denotes that, due to lack of self-confidence, you keep on failing in your businesses. You start one business after the other, but none of them makes it to the expected goal of reaching the top. Instead of feeling desperate, consult friends and family who have similar businesses like the one you are having and heed to their advice as that is the only way to gain success.

You have time to try out different ventures until you find one which will work for you. It might take several months or even years, but with determination and hard work, you will one day develop self-confidence and make it in business.

Scattered in the cup: scattered torches in the teacup are an indication that you have a lucky hand when it comes to business ventures.

Whatever business you start, your self-confidence helps you to excel, and this has made you become one of the most prosperous people around. Share your secret of success with others around you.

Conclusion: Self-confidence is very important for those people who want to succeed in businesses. Make sure you believe in yourself. The torch represents the element fire. The fire element is associated with passion and goals, as well as the star signs of Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. Makes sure that you fight in life for what you believe in and have the confidence to make it.

By Florance Saul
Apr 8, 2013