Tiger In Tea Leaves

tiger tea leaf

Tiger In Tea Leaves

Seeing a tiger in tea leaves means that you feel that you might be attacked by another in life we can often blame or feel victimized around our relationships. Yes, people betray and hide from us and the tiger in the tea leaves can indicate that you are feeling hurt about an action in the past.

When we realize how destructive it is to not value and express ourselves in all situations, we can take responsibility for our own happiness and health by being honest with ourselves. Nobody wants to spend their precious time blaming others or feeling self-pity. This is why it's important to realize that our fears are only temporary. When fear strikes, we can still choose to be authentic and not waste time and energy. So what about the position in the cup in relation to the tiger appearing in your reading? 

Top of tea leaves cup: This means that things are going to be immediate. Seeing a tiger in the tea leaves at this point indicates that you will manifest a desire. If you have been trying to avoid confrontation, attract attention, be liked, feel safe, or have security then often the tiger symbol is upside down. The symbol is trying to tell you that you need to manifest your own desire for, companionship and pleasure. No matter what our past mistakes were, many of us have made a compromised life. And we didn't learn how to overcome our fear of losing love or security and be true to ourselves.

Middle of tea leaves cup: At this position, the tiger in tea leaves indicates that there will be an attack by someone in a network or family unit in the future. The middle ground is what it is trying to convey to you. There is an odd area in our minds and hearts where we feel worthless and unlovable and if the tiger is parted or dots around the tiger symbol then this needs to be addressed if we want to live happily and well. Many of us are blind to our true feelings and stay in jobs, relationships, or friendships that don't reflect our lives. This is mainly because we believe that no one will love us, support us, or even employ us if that is what we truly feel. It is heartbreaking to see so many people believe they lack something in themselves, making them unworthy of love and happiness. Even though this is false, it still causes us to hurt ourselves. We feel that the only way to love, accept, prove of, or support others is to make people in our life happy. This is your spiritual message of seeing the tiger in the middle position of the cup.

Bottom of tea leaves cup: If you see the tiger at the bottom of the tea leaves cup it means that in the distant past you were struggling with a relationship. 

By Florance Saul
Oct 30, 2021