Tea leaf reading basics

tea leaf basics

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Select a quiet place and a lightweight crimson or silver candle plus some honeysuckle or cinnamon incense.

You may want to possess a dioptase or perhaps a quarta movement very nearby. Sit easily and pray for defence. Close your vision and relax. It’s impossible to obvious the mind, so allow it to wander where it'll. Give your ideas go.

Don’t obsess with anyone. When you are feeling peaceful, think about the symbol you’re attempting to discern this is of.

It might be apparent exactly what the concept of the symbolic is. It might directly represent something you might find. For instance, you might begin to see the statue of liberty inside your cup. That may indicate a vacation to New York or someone from that city. Sometimes it’s essential to meditate to get an answer. For this reason that situation, write lower the unknown symbol for later, and finished the tea leaf reading through.

Free of the restrictions of the rational mind, you need to have the ability to concentrate on a meaning. Believe in first ideas, however foolish they might appear. Gradually emerge from the meditation and open your vision. Before you decide to forget, write lower the brand new meaning!

Symbolic might be observed in a couple of leaves or perhaps in an entire clump of these. No dimensions are right. Generally, the higher the symbol, the greater significant it's. Don’t expect the leaves to create very distinct symbols.

The shapes are actually only there being an help to your clairvoyance. I’ve restrained myself from drawing little diagrams for you personally. I shouldn't limit your imagination and limit your opinions in regards to what form symbolic may take. The number of variations can your dog take? Basically shown your dog like a mastiff, you might miss all of the cocker spaniels and chihuahuas.

Very importantly, first impressions count. You might consider a symbol, decide it resembles one factor after which later decide it appears like another thing. Stick to the first impression. You simply convince you when your conscious side takes over.

You’re attempting to promote your clairvoyance so stick to that which you first see. This means you shouldn’t be attempting to see more favourable shapes among unfavourable signs. Advised is forearmed.

Generally speaking, the areas of the tea cup in which a symbol is found, can help clarify the circumstances associated with that symbol. The area around the handle represents your home and family affairs. You can tell how far something is away from your home, by seeing how far away from the handle it is.

Symbols opposite the handle are far away from you and your home, and may indicate situations at work or outside the circle of your immediate family and friends. Symbols close to the rim of the cup relate to events that are happening now or in the very near future.

The rim of the cup is also the most joyous part of the cup. The distance from the rim to where the bottom meets the side is around six months.

Things on the very bottom of the cup represent things that are either very far away or things of ill omen. You’ll have to take into account what the symbol is and what is near to it, to decide which.

Symbols to the left of the handle may represent what is past or may relate to people that you already know. Symbols to the right, usually represent what is to come and people you’re yet to meet.

It’s also possible to notice symbols on the saucer after the dregs of the tea have been thrown out.

Of course it’s very difficult to get any sense of time with these symbols. If you decide to take a look there, it may be necessary to consult the tarot for clarification.

By Florance Saul
Nov 18, 2012