Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The spire or steeple is an indication of an ambitious and yet lofty nature, capable of e distinction and standing as an example of aspirations to others.

You live at present in home preferment.You will get it.Your ambitions will be realized.

A Steeple is a church spire or tower. As a symbol, a steeple represents involvement. So if you happen to see a steeple in your teacup, it means that it is time you were involved in things which are happening around you. You might have neglected your relationship with friends, spouse, or even your spirituality and if this continues, it might end in problems.

Detailed meaning of the steeple tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a steeple at the top of the teacup denotes that, you have to start being more involved with others in life.

Make sure you do not lose friends around you. Check out what is happening in your career. Is it as strong as it should be? Have you neglected yourself for a while? If you have, then pick up the pieces from where you left off. Friendship and love are cultivated; if they are left unattended, they tend to wither away.

Middle of cup: a steeple in the middle of the teacup is an indication that, soon, you will need to concentrate on your relationship. Most of the time it seems you concentrate on amassing wealth to the extent that, your family and social lives have been forgotten completely. In due course, they are going to disintegrate unless you start working on your relationships - and making sure that, everything works as you had intended it to. When you started the relationship, what was your motive? For sure the motive was for companionship, so why have you neglected it? Where do you think they are getting the companionship from? If you don't work out things, you might lose out and with that, whom will you have been struggling to amass the wealth for? Family life and friends are an integral part of life, and without them, it becomes meaningless. Take time off and take care of your fading relationship because you need it more than the material wealth.

Bottom of teacup: a steeple at the bottom of the teacup is a good sign because it shows you take care of your relationships. More importantly - you value them a great deal. Before you embark on your journey to amassing wealth, make sure your relationships are in order. You know how to juggle between work and relationships. Share your secret with those who find it hard to manage their time between work and family.

Scattered in the teacup: scattered steeples in your teacup denote serious trouble in your relationships. Your concentration is on material acquisition to the extent that, you don't have time for your family and friends. You should remember that without family or a "support network" you won't be working hard in the first place. Without feeling emotional then you will not have the peace of mind in life that you need. You won't be effective. Try to balance between work and family and all will be well.

Conclusion: it is important to make sure that, every part of your life functions for the better so that you can move forward in life.

By Florance Saul
Apr 7, 2013