Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Stab occurs when a pointed weapon is pushed into someone with the intention of killing or wounding them.

A stab as a symbol is associated with fear and betrayal.

If you see a stab in your teacup, it has the implication that you are fearing those familiar to you betraying your trust which might lead to a change in social life.

Detailed meaning of the stab tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: A stab on top of the teacup denotes that someone has betrayed you and you have to act fast before it gets out of hand. If you don't act, it might lead to you losing out on what you have invested in all these years. Once you correct the betrayal, learn to choose friends wisely because not everyone can be trusted with a secret. There are those who will use your secrets to blackmail you while others will use them to make themselves more prosperous than you are. Though betrayal is normal in human life, there are those betrayals which can cause irreparable damage.

Middle of cup: when a stab is spotted in the middle of the tea cup, it means that you should be wary of your friends and relatives because it is likely that they are going to betray you in the near future. Try to understand each one of them and the one who seems to be untrustworthy, do away with because if you wait until they betray you, it might be too late as the damage will be irreparable. If you are not sure how to strike them out of your list of friends, approach your associates and let them know what you have found out and what you are up to. They might help you in getting rid of the untrustworthy friend without causing a commotion.

Bottom of teacup: a stab at the bottom of the teacup denotes that your secrets are safe because all your friends are trustworthy and there is no indication that they will betray you. This is so because you take your time to know someone very well before you entrust in them with information concerning yourself and anything that belongs to you. Share the knowledge with those who find themselves in fixes because a so called friend has betrayed them.

Scattered in the teacup: when stabs are scattered in your tea cup, it is a bad sign because it means that you are not safe at all. Most, if not all of your friends are untrustworthy and you are at risk of being betrayed at anytime. What you need to do is stop telling them things concerning yourself and make sure you look for new friends whom you think are more trustworthy. Get it sorted out as soon as possible because they might just cause you to fall with a thud!

Conclusion: when selecting friends, you have to be careful because not everyone can be trusted. There are friends who can help you to climb the ladder up to the peak and then there are those who will help you climb the ladder halfway before removing it to make you fall. Then there are those who will see you go to the top of the ladder up to the peak and then cause you to fall. Whenever you want to befriend someone, make sure you know them very well.

By Flo Saul
Apr 7, 2013