Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Slipper is a slip on shoes which is worn when indoors.

As a symbol, slippers represents buying something which you had already bought; a repeat purchase - because you are pleased with the first one. It could also mean traveling. So if you see slippers in your tea cup while tea leaf reading, it means that you are going to repeat doing something which you just did because you are pleased with the action and after which, you will proceed and embark on a journey.

Detailed meaning of the slipper tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: slippers at the top of the teacup denotes a situation will recur because it brings pleasure and joy to your life. After you accomplish the next stage of a project, you will then embark on a journey, walking around and showing off to your friends just to show how pleased you are with whatever has happened in your life.

All in all, make sure that you avoid bragging because that is what will bring disaster in your life and cause you to regret ever repeating the action. Be remorseful as you show it around and you will be blessed.

Middle of cup: slippers seen in the middle of the teacup denote that, whatever you are planning to do, you will be forced to do it again because you will be so passionate about it and you want to do it over and over again.

The thing is, you need to prepare yourself physically, emotionally, financially and psychologically because of the added responsibility that your double portion of blessing will impact on you. Take time to learn how to handle life, before you decide to get to the next stage because everything comes with added responsibility. Due to the strength that the divine has bestowed on you, your be able to handle life without any obstacles.

Bottom of teacup: slippers at the bottom of the teacup means that double portion is not your cup of tea and you have to be contended with what you have at the moment because that is what you will be able to handle.

If given extra responsibilities, it will weigh you down and make you unable to do any other things in life. Even with the single portion you have, it is still hard for you to take care of others in life.

Try and learn how to multitask and handle several issues and tasks at the same time so that you can utilize various properties and gifts that will come your way in the future; that is the only way you will become a prosperous person.

Scattered in the cup: scattered slippers in the teacup implies that, you are always getting double portions of everything that you lay your hands on; blessings are your part and parcel, and this is making you to rapidly become a wealthy person. Utilize everything to make others happy.

Conclusion: double portions can always be yours as long as you work hard.

By Florance Saul
Apr 6, 2013