Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Serpent is a large snake.

When snakes want to renew their skin, they shed it through sloughing, thus gaining a new form. They represent rebirth, healing, immortality and transformation. If you happen to see a serpent in your tea cup, it means that you have gone through tough times, which have sharpened you and you has come out stronger than ever, transformed and ready to face life with its many ups and downs without fear.

Detailed meaning of the serpent tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a serpent at the top of the teacup denotes that, you have just been through tough times, which have made you a reformed and new creature, ready to face the world with its ups and downs.

You are stronger than ever, and nothing seems to be difficult for you after the experience you have just been able to accomplish. Instead of breaking down and wallowing in self-pity, you have become so strong and unbeatable, an emblem of immortality whom others can look for in times of trouble and find solace. Help others to come out of the tribulations and troubles they encounter on a day to day without having to be suicidal. Let them know that there is life after all the troubles they are going through, and that is what should give them hope to live and conquer it all.

Middle of cup: a serpent seen in the middle of the teacup is an indication that, you are going through tough times and you should know that, very soon, it will come to pass and you will be victorious at the end of it all.

Hold in there and make sure that, nobody or nothing doesn't make you give up and wallow in self-pity. You have a strong spirit that is immortal and it will definitely overcome all which you are encountering. Lean on your inner self because it is stronger than your conscious mind. Get yourself analyzing life after this tribulation.

You will be a new person with a new personality, stronger than ever and ready to embark on a new life journey.

Bottom of teacup: a serpent at the bottom of the teacup can imply that, so far so good; you are having a smooth life with no major setbacks.

Everything seems to fall as per schedule, and you are in a positive frame of mind. Make sure you invest more in your inner self because you will need it in times of troubles when they present themselves in future. Invest greatly in yourself because, you never know when it will happen, but as long as you are positive, chances are, one day you will be faced with a tough situation which will need you to be strong in order to overcome this and move on.

Scattered in the cup: scattered serpents in the teacup denotes that, you are going through so many tribulations and wondering how you will be able to make it through.

But due to your strong nature, you will definitely overcome and move on to the next level in your life where you will be an iron person, strong and transformed to tackle anything that comes your way.

Conclusion: tribulations and hard times come and go, but only for those who have a strong inner self. They come out transformed and stronger than ever.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013