Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Sector is a portion or area which is unique from the rest.

As a symbol, a sector denotes success gained through hard work.

So if you happen to see a sector in your tea cup, know that you are about to be rewarded for the hard work you have been doing.

Detailed meaning of the sector tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if you see a sector at the top of the teacup, it means that you are about to be rewarded for the hard work you have put in everything that you do. After the reward, you have to continue working hard because that is not the end; you still need to accomplish things in your life on a day to day basis. Help others to become achievers too, so that those who surround you emit positive energy which will enable upward progress on a daily basis. Those amongst you who seem to be weak have to be encouraged and taught on the issues that are slowing their development. Make sure that everyone is moving at the same pace and that those who are ahead should help those who are behind.

Middle of cup: seeing a sector in the middle of the teacup is an indication that you will be moving to a higher level where you will then be rewarded for work well done. Continue working hard because someone is about to recognize your hard work and give you a promotion at your place of work; you are about to get a financial breakthrough to expand your business; your relationship is about to stabilize due to the adventures you took your spouse on. When it happens, let your friends be part of the celebrations; allow them to learn from you so that they too can commit to working hard to get crowned with success. At no given time can one be rewarded and yet still be lazy; you need to work hard, and your hard work is what will earn you success in life.

Bottom of teacup: a sector at the bottom of the teacup denotes that, you will have to wait for a long time before success comes your way. This is due to the fact that you don't associate with successful people; you don't work hard; you have no time for your family; you are generally quite depressed. You have to change your view as far as life is concerned because it is only then that you will become successful.

Scattered in the teacup: scattered sectors in your teacup are an indication that you are a successful person due to your hard work. There are several places you are getting your success because you don’t do single investments and that is why, when success comes, it knocks on your door in several folds. Share the secret of your multiple successes with others so that they can also become successful.

Conclusion: as long as you are hard working, success awaits you and depending on how hard working you are, it might come in multiples.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013