Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Scythe is a cutter which is used to cut wheat or grass.

It normally has a long blade which is curved at the end and is attached to two short handles.

As a symbol, a scythe denotes anger, separation or aggression.

So if you happen to see a scythe in your teacup, it means that you might be separated from your day to day activities due to anger that may lead to you becoming sick and making the wrong decision.

Detailed meaning of the scythe tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: so if you happen to see a scythe at the top of the teacup, it denotes that you are experiencing absentia from your day to day activities due to the anger you harbor for friends and relatives. Now, at the end of it, you will be the loser because when you don't attend to your daily activities, they will stall and if that happens, it automatically falls that you won't be able to achieve your set goals as planned. Control your anger and aggression because those are two attributes which end in failure. Aggression means that you will hurt others in the process and they will shy away from you. Working without friends is slow and unproductive. Anger doesn't attract people to your circle, and you will become a loner in the process.

Middle of cup: a scythe in the middle of the teacup is an indicator that if you don’t control your anger and aggression, you might be separated from your colleagues, friends, and family in the near future. You have the time to mend your ways and make sure that this doesn’t happen at all. You can do so by avoiding what makes you angry; talk to friends who seem composed and let them know of your anger problem so that they can offer solutions to it. This will enable you to keep it in check thus allowing for long lasting friends in your circle. Stop being aggressive when dealing with people around you because it will only drive them away and in the process, you will lack someone to discuss ideas with when you are stuck.

Bottom of teacup: a scythe at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that you are a person who knows how to control your anger and are normally less aggressive when you are around your friends and family. This has made it possible for you to attract more people around you who are helping you in achieving your goals in life.

Scattered in the teacup: scattered scythe in your tea cup is a bad sign as it shows that you are going through hard times due to lack of self-control when it comes to anger. You have what we call tantrums and nobody wants to be near someone who has mood swings of sorts. It is high time you looked around for help because combining aggression and anger leaves you to be a dangerous person to be around, Especially around people who are working towards development. Whatever it takes, make sure that you work out these two weaknesses.

Conclusion: anger and aggression are two traits which will make you a loner because nobody wants to have a friend who is always experiencing mood swings. You have to get over it by approaching those who are in control of their lives.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013