Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Screw is used to join things together.

As a symbol, a screw denotes security.

So if you happen to see a screw during your tea leaf reading, it means that you are secure and whatever you plan will be accomplished. You have the zeal and strength to endure the ups and downs on your way to acquire what you have focused on. Due to the security you enjoy, you are always firm in your decision making without fearing the outcome.

Detailed meaning of the screw tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a screw at the top of the teacup simply means that your strength and zeal surpasses your fear and that is why you have made it this far.

You have done what most of your friends feared to do. Where others feel insecure, you have gone ahead and accomplished. You are a go-getter, and nothing can easily stop you from achieving what you have focused your eyes on. Help your friends to learn how to go about tough situations and how to stand by their decisions without fear because that is the only way they will be secure in life.

Middle of cup: a screw in the middle of the teacup denotes that, you need to consider seriously what you are about to do because if you go ahead and do it, it might compromise your security and you might find yourself in serious problems.

Whatever it is that you are doing, stop and focus on a different goal which will be fruitful in your life.

Consult widely, and you might come to learn what mistake you are making in your life and rectify it before it is too late. Compromising your security is risky, and it should not be entertained at all costs.

Bottom of teacup: a screw at the bottom of the teacup means that you are insecure due to the foundation you placed in your life. Once you start life on a wrong footing, there are high chances that you will be insecure the rest of your life.

But you don’t have to give up on yourself.

Try and work towards making sure that, you regain your security because it is very important. When you are insecure, you tend to feel inferior, and that affects your self-esteem, which in the process affects your performance and, thus, leaves you condemned to a life of poverty and want. Work out things to make sure that you regain your footing in life.

Scattered in the cup: scattered screws in the teacup are an indication that, you are very secure in life because of the strong foundations you started on. There is nothing which seems to worry you, and this has made you an authority to reckon in your circles. Share the secret of your success with friends and family so that they can work towards being like you.

Conclusion: once you feel secure in your surroundings, there is nothing which can prevent you from getting what you want in life. You will always be a go getter and achieve great things in your life journey.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013