Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Scissors are used for cutting thin materials. As a symbol, it represents removing the non-essential things from life.

When conducting a tea leaf reading and you see yourself gazing into a teacup and notice a shape of scissors, it means, you need to remove anything - which you deem are not “adding” any value to your life.

Whatever it is, even if you have become attached to things in life, let go because it is just occupying a space in your life which could be occupied by something else which is more valuable.

Detailed meaning of the scissors tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: Scissors at the top of the teacup is an indication that, now is the time to start uprooting non-essential things from your life because they are just making your life to be crowded for no good reason.

If they are friends whom you deem are of no good use, but just parasites in your life now are the time to do away with them and look for better and meaningful friendship which will cause your life to move forward.

Middle of cup: scissors in the middle of the teacup denote that, the time is coming when you will need to get rid of those things which seem not to function in your life.

Right now is the time to go through your life experiences and find out what it is that is not making sense or is not adding value so that, when the time is ripe, you won't hesitate to remove people from your life to enable you to move to higher grounds. They might be friends who are just joyriding into your life, adding nothing to it; why keep big crowds around you? Preventing other great people from entering your life? Do you think that you have enough friends? Walk alone, and the right people who matter will be attracted to you.

Bottom of teacup: scissors at the bottom of the teacup denotes that, you need to retain the status quo in your life because they are all valuable.

Your life doesn't contain anything to be removed. The friends you have are all useful, and they are the ones helping you to progress well into greater heights. Your job is done well, and if you continue working hard, it will pay off soon, and you will be able to get a promotion; business-wise, you are doing great, and within no time, you will be expanding into new territories.

Scattered in the cup: scattered scissors in the teacup imply that, you need to really do a lot of pruning in your life because it is full of junk things; friends who are just joy riders; businesses which are not productive; jobs where you have just stagnated. Once you do the cleanup and remain with fewer ones which you will then concentrate your energy on, you will be shocked at the tremendous expansion that you will experience.

Conclusion: there is no need to crowd your life with the things which are not working for you; try to have fewer objectives - but choose tasks which will help you to rise to greater heights.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013