Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Saddle is normally fastened onto the back of a horse in order for one to enjoy a comfortable ride.

A horse is normally a symbol of freedom with the saddle symbolizing a goal. So if you happen to see a saddle in your teacup, it means that you are focused and this will eventually lead to you achieving your set goal. You are ready to do what it takes to make sure that you achieve as soon as possible.

Detailed meaning of the saddle tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a saddle on top of the tea cup denotes that, you are on top of your goal and you are aiming even higher to make sure that, you get the maximum out of it. It must have taken you a lot of commitment and sacrifice, but now you can rejoice, knowing that you now have what you have been looking for in your entire life. You should be willing to help others go through the process of achieving their goals in life, just the same way that you were helped to achieve yours.

Middle of cup: a saddle in the middle of the teacup is an indication that, you will be getting to the top of your goal and that is the more reason you should work extra hard. You don’t have to give up at this particular time when you are just at the doorstep. Involve yourself with friends so that they can speed up your way to the top; they will also help you go through the many hurdles on your way to success. All in all, make sure that you don’t give up on your goal.

Bottom of teacup: a saddle at the bottom of the teacup denotes that, your life is so plain without a focus or goal.

It is high time that you tried to talk to friends and get some ideas from them, which you could use to come up with goals in life. Living life without goals becomes meaningless because there is no driving force and zeal to live; it seems like escorting others on a mission without participating in the actual mission. Set a goal today and learn from friends how you can fulfill it the easy or hard way.

Scattered in the cup: scattered saddles in the teacup are an indication that you have several goals and you have the freedom to choose which goal you achieve before the others; you have a plan for everything in your life.

All you need to do is adhere to your plan and make sure that you follow it to the later and you will be contented in life. When you fulfill things which you have created in your life; things which are normally referred to as goals, it makes you one happy person and you will always have a reason to wake up every morning – to accomplish a goal.

Conclusion: fulfilled goals in life make one have a reason to go on in life. Motivate others so that they too can achieve their goals.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013