Reading the tea leaves

Reading the tea leaves

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

It might be apparent exactly what the concept of the symbolic is.

It might directly represent something you might find. For instance, you might begin to see the statue of liberty inside your cup. That may indicate a vacation to New York or someone from that city.

Sometimes it’s essential to meditate to get an answer. For this reason that situation, write lower the unknown symbol for later, and finished the tea leaf reading through.

Select a quiet place and lightweight a crimson or silver candle plus some honeysuckle or cinnamon incense. You may want to possess a dioptase or perhaps a quarta movement very nearby. Sit easily and pray for defense. Close your vision and relax. It’s impossible to obvious the mind, so allow it to wander where it'll. Give your ideas go. Don’t obsess with anyone. When you are feeling peaceful, think about the symbol you’re attempting to discern this is of.

Free of the restrictions of the rational mind, you need to have the ability to concentrate on a meaning. Believe in first ideas, however foolish they might appear. Gradually emerge from the meditation and open your vision. Before you decide to forget, write lower the brand new meaning!

The symbol may be observed over a couple of leaves or possibly from an entire clump of tea leafs. No dimension is right. Generally, the greater the symbol, the higher significant it's. Don’t expect the leaves to produce very distinct symbols. The shapes are really only there for assistance to your clairvoyance. Very importantly, first impressions count. You may think about a symbol, decide it resembles one factor then later decide it seems like another factor. Stay with the very first impression. You just convince you whenever your conscious side gets control. In most cases, areas from the tea cup where a symbol is located, might help clarify the conditions connected with this symbol.

The region round the handle signifies your family and home matters. You are able to tell what lengths something is far from home, by seeing how far in the handle it's. Symbols opposite the handle are far from both you and your home, and could indicate situations at the office or outdoors the circle relates to the immediate family. Symbols near to the rim of the cup are associated with what is happening now or perhaps in the not too distant future. The rim of the cup can also signify the length of time of the event, meaning it will happen immediately.

Signs around the bottom of the cup represent events that are generally very far or things of ill omen. You’ll need to consider exactly what the symbol is and what's close to it, to determine which. Symbols left from the handle may represent what's past or may connect with people who you know. Symbols right, usually represent what's in the future and individuals you’re yet to meet.

Look around the saucer following the dregs from the tea that happen to be tossed out. Obviously it’s tough to have any feeling of time with any of these symbols.

By Florance Saul
Nov 6, 2012