Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Rake is used to draw together cut grass, smoothening soil, or collecting together fallen leaves.

As a symbol, a rake denotes a part of your life in need of cleaning. There are things in the old tea leaf dictionaries which say that leaves are associated with something that needs to be cleaned from your life so that it can be replaced with new opportunities.

You might be unwilling to let go of past problems - which really need to be buried in order for your life to move forward. So if you see a rake in your teacup during a tea leaf reading, brace yourself, something in your life will turn out great. It might be something you hold so dearly, but its time has come, and it has to clear away from your life to pave the way for new things.

Detailed meaning of the rake tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a rake at the top of the teacup means that your life needs a thorough cleaning because as of now, new things are unable to enter your life, due to the many old things you are keeping which are not adding any value to your life at all.

You need to “clean your life” as soon as possible, don’t miss out on things which matter in your life. It might be, you are having so many old friends who are not adding value to your life and are denying new friends space; friends who will be able to impact positively on your life.

Middle of cup: a rake in the middle of the tea cup denotes that, you might be needing some clean up in your life very soon. There are things which you cherish, but if you don't let go of them, then they are just crowding your life for no good reason. Clear them up in order to create space for those things that matter. It might be a business you have really struggled with, but it is not bearing fruit at all; it is high time you start thinking of an alternative way of making money other than a particular business (you have started) because, instead of it bringing a fortune to you, it is just draining you and before you know it, you will be completely done.

Bottom of teacup: a rake at the bottom of the teacup during tea cup reading implies that your life is very clean; you have weeded out those things which were making you not to progress, and now you are on your way to success. It has taken you a while to be where you are, and that is the secret you should share with your friends; how long and what it took for you to have a clean life without any blasphemy at all.

Scattered in the cup: scattered rakes in the teacup are an indication that your life is full of garbage which needs cleaning and the earlier you start doing it, the better for you.

You have the strength and the willpower inside, and these are the only things which you need in order to succeed. Start the "clearing out" exercise right away because new things are pending which need to enter your life - and add value!

Conclusion: there is no way new and old things can mix, and you get a good mix.

Clearing way for new things which are beneficial in your life is a must do if you want to progress.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013