Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

As an animal totem, it is interpreted differently in different cultures.

For Chinese, it is linked to the moon and the good fortune with those born under the sign of a rabbit thought to be sensitive and artistic.

For North Americans, a rabbit is known to be a fear caller; it is known to be afraid, timid and shy.

Combining the symbol of a rabbit as an animal totem, you can then be able to explain what a rabbit in your teacup denotes. It means that you are afraid, shy and timid that still, good fortune always comes your way.

Detailed meaning of the rabbit tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a rabbit at the top of the teacup is an indication that, though your life is full of good fortune, you are unable to utilize the fortune well due to your character. You are always afraid of socializing with others due to your shy and timid nature. This is making it impossible for you to expand in the territories you command; you cannot do well in business because you are unable to bargain new deals in town. The best you can do is, look for someone who can do the negotiations for you in order to help you to expand further in your fortunes.

Middle of cup: a rabbit in the middle of the teacup indicates that good fortune is on the way and you need to be aggressive in order to get it. Your hard work will be crowned sooner than you expect it. What you need to work on is, your shyness as it is making you lose out on many things in your life. Everything has a beginning and an end; the end to your shyness and timid nature is coming soon and with it, great success in your life.

Bottom of teacup: a rabbit at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that, you still have a long way before you become successful in your life. Your life has been marred with misfortunes which keep on dragging you to the bottom; success seems just but a dream in your life but rests assured that, if you get committed to your life goals, nothing is impossible at all. There are many who have been in your shoe, but at the end of it all, they made it and they are now great men and women in society.

Scattered in the teacup: scattered rabbits in the teacup denotes that, your life is full of creativity which in the process, makes you be fortunate in almost everything that your hands touch on. What should you then do to maintain the status quo? Keep working harder all the time and you will be astonished at how many people whose lives you will be able to uplift while still remain a star in your own life.

Conclusion: everything you do, make sure that you do it with all your might and avoid shying off from responsibilities because that is where new opportunities lie. Getting working harder always.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013