Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Purse is a small bag which women like use as a daily carry on for personal items.

As a symbol, it represents secrets, thoughts, and desires which are closely guarded by you. When you happen to see a purse in your teacup, it implies that you are having many secrets which you are hiding from your family and which are affecting your identity as a person when you are.

Detailed meaning of the Purse tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a purse at the top of your teacup is an indication that, your personal identification is being affected due to the fact that, you have secrets which, if you share, you might find solutions to some of the personal problems which are affecting you.

This is not the time for secrets. Find at least one confidant in whom you can entrust. You will be able to lift the burden off your shoulder and even be free to mingle with others.

Middle of cup: a purse in the middle of the teacup is an indication that your life is heading in a strange direction. Make sure you get back on the right track; you used to be an outgoing person, very open and the change in you is making others be worried! Try to bring out problems which are linked to your change of character. Don’t let things go out of hand. Is someone getting your down?

Bottom of teacup: a purse at the bottom of the teacup denotes that, you don’t have secrets in your life and you have a character of openness.

You allow other people to participate in your life and that has made you beloved by those who surround you. You are a homely person and that is why every day you get new friends in your life who are making it possible to for you to continue to climb the ladder of success. Keep shining by continuing to be a “people’s person” and your character will definitely be liked!

Seeing more than one symbol: scattered purses (or more than one) in your teacup is an indication that, you are full of secrets which are derailing you in whatever you do in life. It is time you opened up because that is the only way you will be helped. Secrets are good, but when they affect the way you relate to others in life, then it is not healthy at all.

You have problems affecting your development because it have become impossible for others to share their secrets with you. Ideas are supposed to be shared and not kept as secrets.

Conclusion: keeping secrets has two sides to it! It will make others not know what you are planning thus, not be able to copy your ideas. On the other hand, it will make others not share their ideas with you. Strike a balance of “openness” in life - to enable you to succeed in life.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013