Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A covered entrance or trilithon shows the beginning of new undertakings. What does portico mean? It is from the italian "Portico" meaning porch.

You are about to enter upon a new phase of your life, and the future holds the promise of important developments in your favor. You will become an important agent in a problem.

This is a symbol of a movement that things will become stronger in life. It can also suggest when found in your teacup changes in the workplace or maybe even a new start in life. There is definitely some type of movement. This can also suggest that we may encounter somebody who is aggressive. The most important aspect of seeing this symbol in your teacup is that you need to take hold of your emotions inside. Try to be more disciplined with yourself, maybe you need to have a clean diet and be in control of your career path. The actual position within the tea leaf reading is important.

Detailed meaning of the Portico tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: in this position the portico is associated with balancing not only your home life but also pleasurable activities outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you have been taking on too much recently and it is time for you to change and move forward in life.

Middle of teacup: the porch in the middle of the teacup position is a suggestion that you may encounter somebody who is aggressive. It is important for you to calm them down and try to find some common ground. You must watch your temper and also emotions and try to be disciplined. There is a focus on being in control of the situation which you are faced with. Be sure to recognize your own inner strength and wisdom.

Bottom of cup: seeing a porch in the bottom of the cup position suggests that due to your inability to face the problem there may be an issue with the strength you need to carry on. Having a door symbol in the bottom position indicates that you will be successful in your endeavors. Try not to worry too much about other people and life focus on yourself. You will be faced with many challenges going forward you can overcome these challenges with valor.

Be sure to make sure the advice you give is sound. Life is too short and it is important you must make all the effort you can on your own part. There is also focus on fairness try to listen to your hopes and fears and balances against any adversities in life.

In conclusion, the porch means that other people are not going to affect you badly. You need to be sensible listen to your inner voice of wisdom. Don’t forget that in every situation you will move forward. Try to be more challenging and avoid any trouble which seems to be emerging. You can be strong. There may be some significant changes in your home life also perhaps your career. Try to aim for success and make every effort to get on with other people around you if they are negative.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013