Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Seven stars or dots in a cluster indicate a life of bereavement and sorrow.

In ancient dictionaries it states the following, worrying message! "Be careful of your eyesight, for it is very precious."

The pleiades are in astronomy known as an open cluster of stars often referred to as the seven sisters. These stars are associated with Taurus and can be viewed by the naked eye in the sky! it is associated with the color of electric blue as most of the stars within this cluster illuminate.

The stars were supposed to be formed within the last 100 million years and it is also significant that there are many conspiracy theories that there are beings from this open star cluster that visit the Earth. For now, let’s consider what the Pleiades mean within your tea leaf reading.

The name itself originates from Greek and is associated with the translation of sailing across the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, we can associate this symbolism with moving forward on a journey and channeling ones life - to provide a happier ending in life. To see the symbolism may be associated with intense emotions such as grief and anger or alternatively feeling betrayed by somebody close to you. It is important you need to clear the way in order to move forward in life.

Detailed meaning of the Pleiades tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: to see this cluster of stars the top of the teacups signifies that you may be losing touch with your own feelings. You need to let go of a bad habit this could be smoking working long hours. Additionally, you may be on the Internet for too long or watching television. Within this position, it indicates you need to release yourself and look upon more spiritual endeavors in order to grow yourself as a person.

Middle of teacup: there are times when you sometimes lose what’s important in life. For example, you may lose financial income or something might depreciate in life. Think about how you spend money and how you look after yourself - especially your health.

Bottom of teacup: in this position the stars indicate that you need to change the ending of your life.

This might be a bit of a strange message that comes across but it is saying that your goals are not defined. Perhaps you need to ask yourself how you’re feeling right now and what you wish to achieve in the next 10 years there may be a health problem also a loss of a lover.

In conclusion, to see the pleiades indicates that you need to heal from the past and drive and sailed yourself forward to the future.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013