Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The Pick axe is a symbol of an incisive and determined character, whose success in life will be due to concentrated effort and singleness of purpose.

Expect confidential news from a friend.

Prehistoric tools that often used including the axe head. People believed that the axe head would provide them with protection against evil. Historically, in Scotland they use to pick up the pick axe head and hold it in their hands while often thinking about the perpetrator or the person they had ill feeling for. It was believed that they would say “let your evil works be your ending” the axe head would then be thrown into mid-air in order to remove the curse. Many people in ancient times believed that the god Thorn was responsible for the axe head.

He was called upon in times of crisis. The significance of the axe-head was great in ancient times, often associated with the European sky god Thor. There was a focus on possible fairies and that to throw an axe-head into an oak tree had significance and provided good luck. The axe head was commonly found to be associated with fairies as spirits. To see an axe head in the ground meant hostile or dangerous problems.

In old tea leaf dictionaries, the pick axe is associated with not only logic but also leadership too. The pick axe is normally used as an assertive tool in order to influence and manipulate other people. There may be a focus on somebody who has taken advantage of another. The good news about drawing such a symbol in a tea leaf reading is that life is going to remain stable. The pick axe is associated with progression and one must not let emotion get in the way.

Detailed meaning of the Pick tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: to see the pick axe in the top of the teacup position suggests that knowledge is important. This knowledge can come from other people in order to improve your life’s experiences. There will be a choice of you to act in a given situation or to ignore.

Middle of teacup: you meet somebody that you can trust.This is good news because this person will on the surface appear cold and rather selfish. In reality they are passionate and a great person to have on side.

Bottom of teacup: in this position the pick axe is associated with a rebellious personality. It can be linked to both Mars and Aries.

The pick axe here is all about being mature in life. Make sure that you reform and change yourself into a better person.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013